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enchanting visit to EK

Despite the scorching heat of the sun, my office groupie and I fearlessly made a trip to Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday. We considered this trip as our second summer activity this year, so, everyone joined except for Maja who just recently tripped to EK with boyfie and Lhiza who had an emergency a day before this happening. We had a grand time and let me recap the fun and laughter as we come across the magic!  

We left Manila by public transport at around 12 noon; since we were a group of 7 grown-ups and 2 kids (C’s kids) we occupy half of the shuttle service. We exit Sta. Rosa in 45 minutes and just before we knew it, EK’s gateway was already in front of us.

As announced that day, the park will open at 2pm, so, we spent the last one hour at the nearby WalterMart to cool down. And went back to EK grounds few minutes past the park opening time.

Our excitement swiftly wears down, when this heavy line of guest welcomes us. And that we have no choice but to bear the sun’s heat. Finally after an hour, we cross the threshold and geared up on our first adventure.

While the sun still up and doing, we took a sentimental journey down the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn where Rialto Theater can be found. It took us a while before we finally get in, Now Showing was Happy Feet. At Rialto, you would actually feel that you are part of the movie because of the shaking and pushing highlight of the motion simulator, which combines sight, sound and movement in one.

This one of the best EK attraction for people like me who’s basically scared to try extreme rides.

While waiting in line, we get to see Eldar the Wizard. And it’s quite a disappointment for me to see the park’s mascot a little shabby or it is because the wizard is too old now? hehehe…

Our next stop –Portabello. We line up for an hour or so to ride the giant swing ride, the Flying Fiesta. It was my first time to try it and I was a little uneasy when my feet started to sling in the air, I cannot imagine I was like flying higher and higher. Later on, I realized it feels good up there and the wind breeze is perfect to revive the energy we lost earlier from the mighty sun!

Since it was already past 5pm, and felt empty we went ahead the Jungle Outpost to get something to eat. I treat the girls to Pizza Hut (pasensya na yan lang kaya ng budget now 🙂 ).  I was tempted to try Karate Kid but passed on because I was thinking I might throw up makis and sashimis should I dare myself to ride the Space Shuttle. Gross 😀 !

We went on a quick look around at the tranquil Swan Lake, which is perfect for sweethearts, before we went to the colorful Midway Boardwalk and decided to ride the Wheel of Fate.

Okay, it took us an hour again before we finally had our ride.

This is one of my favorite rides in EK, I make sure to ride it every time I had the chance to visit the park. I love the feeling up there, calm and breezy except this time. I felt a little panicky especially when the wheel rotates slowly…

The girls’ next to us were screaming to death –si Jing lang yata 😀 !

I was disappointed that the number of times it (the wheel) should rotate was inconsistent and we only get to stay after three rounds. Sigh!

Back to Portabello, we made it just in time at the park’s largest attraction –Rio Grande. We were told that the line will be cut at 7:40pm for the much-awaited fireworks display; we went ahead 5 minutes before they briefly close the entrance to the castle. Whew!  

Rio Grande is a wet-and-wild adventure that literally makes you wet through, so, I suggest you bring an extra piece of shirt if you would consider this ride. By the way, the ride is good for 8 persons. And I want to come back for this 😀 !

The last ride we took was the Grand Carousel at Victoria Park.  From its lightning to its centerpiece location, the ride is like magical. The one you get to see on story books and fairy tale movies. It was so wonderful to be a kid again even for a day and enjoy these blissful amusements.   

I forgot to talk about the fireworks, it wasn’t that brilliant for me because it cannot outdo the Pyromusical I witnessed last March and would never be close to Disneyland’s as well nonetheless, this still something to watch over to end the magical night.  

Enchanted Kingdom would still be a perfect place to get along and to create fond memories that can last a lifetime –says EK 🙂 !

I look forward on riding the Shuttle Space, Zorb Ball, EKstreme Tower Ride…soon!


Sta.Rosa Main Office 
San Lorenzo South, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna
Tel . No. : (02)584-3535 
Tel . No. : (02)584-4326 to 29 
Fax No. :  (02)584-4332 Makati Sales Office 
Unit 1B Ground Floor, The Biltmore Condominium,
102 Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village,
Makati City
Tel . No. : (02) 830-3535
Tel . No. : (02) 830-2112 to 16
Fax No. :  (02) 812-7118Sales Direct Line: (02) 812-7291


Note on EK’s trip: We took the FX/Shuttle ride from Edsa Crossing; fare is P70 to WalterMart only. You can request an EK drop off for an additional P10 or you can take a tri ride from Waltermart, P36 special service. Park Ticket cost P500 on weekends. Bottled water is allowed but no to food and alcoholic beverages. Umbrella or a sun hat (like mine) is advisable especially during high noon. Wear comfortable clothes, shorts and tee, flip flops and don’t forget to bring an extra shirt in case you get damped in Rio Grande. Bring extra cash to cover your meals, chips and drinks. And don’t forget to bring home something from the souvenir carts. I got one for Bea 🙂 !   ***Photo Credits: Bel, Cata, Jing and my Rebel Baby

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