The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Hong Kong, Last Part

On our last day in Hongkong, husband and I start off our day earlier and I already packed our things before we left Golden Court. I don’t want the inconvenience of last minute cramming.

We make use of MTR from Tin Hau to TST. From Nathan Road we wander all the way to Salisbury Road and down the streets husband and I would stop to get photos of structures, lanes, of us at the cutting edge. We ended at the Avenue of Stars, which is located at the southern end of Salisbury Garden.

Avenue of Stars was constructed to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong film and industry, to promote tourism industry and to consolidate Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s World City.

What to see?

Statue of Hong Kong Film Awards. The 4.5-meter tall Hong Kong Film Awards sculpture is located at the entrance of the Avenue of Stars. “She” welcomes you to the Avenue and beckons you into this magical tribute to movies.

Hand Imprint of famous Chinese artists, Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee.

Souvenir Kiosks

Cutely-designed mobile carts, these carts sell light refreshment, drinks and souvenirs too.



Subsequently we stopover at Clock Tower, which is a landmark in Hong Kong located at the southern shore of TST, Kowloon. It was like passing by because we were looking for a place to dine for breakfast.

And for the second time, we chose Café de Coral. We have Hokkaido Milk with add on Macaroni Soup for HKD3 only. Such a steal 🙂 !

And we give M&S at Ocean Centre a quick look after. Happily, I score 3 tops from the “Sale” racks for HKD295. We also stepped in to Sa Sa to buy some fragrances for pasalubong, some makeup sponge, Burt’s Bees lip balm, and foot rasp for DIY foot spa at home. Elizabeth Arden 100ml cost HKD98.

We hurriedly left TST after buying all the things we needed to and had lunch at Thai BBQ Kitchen in Electric Road, Tin Hau before we went back to our room. I missed to get photos of the appetizing meal we consume right away. Btw, we paid HKD88 only for an order of chicken and beef dishes.

And we bought cake slices from Mimosa Patisserie, I remember we got Chocolate Truffle and, and okay I forgot the other one 🙂 . The slices were sold for HKD20+, which I find a little pricey compared to our local cakes (which is far more delectable than this!).

It’s Valentine’s Honey! We may not have spent our meal over a fancy restaurant however, this is much pleasurable. Me and you on a foreign land sharing a slice of sweetness 🙂 !

Our flight back to Manila was scheduled at 6:00pm however we need to catch the bus at 2:00pm. We left Tin Hau just in time via Bus E11, which will transports us direct to HKIA. Unlike our Manila buses, these buses have luggage racks, which is very appropriate for travelers. Also, it’s comfortable and relatively inexpensive transport option.

In less than an hour we arrived at HKIA and getting lost in an extremely large, world-class airport is a pretty normal thing 🙂 ! After several rounds and inquiry we finally arrived at PAL check in counter, which is located at Terminal 2. Getting there from Terminal 1 is by an inter-terminal shuttle.


After check in and immigration procedures husband and I walk around to find a place to snack. Though choices were plenty, we had muffins and hot drinks only from McCafé to save some space for the airline dinner 🙂 .

Shopping is another bustle to look forward in HKIA. I had the chance to visit Zara but didn’t buy any and bought only two cartons of cigarettes from Free Duty. That’s how we spent our waiting time.

I cannot remember if we boarded on time at 5:20pm, all I have in mind that time is to go home safe in Manila and to see Bea 🙂 .

We would be missing Hong Kong of course, the food, the chilly weather, the inexpensive shopping, the MTR rides, bus and tram rides –the whole HK experience! I even attempt to rebook our flight to Manila however rebooking fee would cost us too much so we give up the idea.

Our flight to Manila is via Boeing 747, luckily we chance window seats though it was almost at the rear part of the aircraft nevertheless, it was still comfortable and even.

I didn’t felt any headache during take offs, so, while we’re on sky-high I enjoy gaming on the LCD screens.

Not long dinner was served, yehey 🙂 !  This will be the most unforgettable Valentine Dinner ever –on air via PR307! We enjoyed the delicious serving of warm rice topped with pork and veggie, a piece of bake goodie from Bizu and cola. Husband even asked for red wine, it was such a tasty and filling dinner.

We arrived Manila Terminal 2 by 8:00pm. I failed to check Watsons in Hong Kong for cheap chocolates, so, we dropped by at Duty Free Shop to take home some for the kids. The airport taxi took us home and finally, we’re back home safe and sound 🙂 !

Not everyone is fortunate to be the victor, and it’s not every day that chance like this would happen. It may come only once or even not at all, hence, I am grateful despite the ordeals of life beyond I am blessed!

Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible and worthwhile – for the FREE tickets, Ms. AJ for all the reminders, BDO for the forex, Nanay for looking after Bea, Petron Megaplaza for keeping Winnie for 3 days, Joel N. and wife Meribeth for all the arrangements in HK, Wesley for the Macau tour, Jimmy and Doray for welcoming us at Golden Court, and to all the people who genuinely wishes us “happy trip” before we left Manila. We really had one 🙂 !

And lastly, Lord, thank you for these blessing…



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