The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

miki-san’s homecoming

I initially plan to spend Friday night at home after a very toxic month end-quarter close however, when G texted me about an old friend’s homecoming my plans change instantly. How can you say no and afford to miss seeing someone historical, hehehe…remember Baguio, Taytay, Manila –thirteen years ago? Alcohol and spirits? Miki-san is home and Tequilam is seeing him again!

To all who doesn’t know (I don’t know either who they are…), Miki-san is uglysmurf turned drunken master –mikscuervo 🙂 . And Baguio boy to most! While these names point to a single person, he would always be my original drinking buddy. Yea, I was a drunken maiden back in the 90’s. Okay, that was soooo loooonggg agoooo and many have forgotten it 🙂 . Good!

Thirteen years ago, Miki-san would frequent Manila all set with bottle of Tequila and vice versa, we would ready a bottle for him soon as he jumped down Victory Liner. That’s how easy life before, that’s how candid we spend our younger years –road trips, sessions.

On the contrary, we are committed to movements, assembly, alliance, the Coop, the Union –Piltea MKP. Anyhow, Piltea-MKP is another thing. Let’s leave it for now.

The meeting was supposed to be in old school Talyer but then G and Miki-san texted me on Friday morning; venue was change to Dampa in Cubao. I just told myself, why on earth Cubao. Aside from its being distant I don’t know anything in Cubao. That gave me second thoughts of coming 😦 .

Buti na lang they got bored in Cubao and before it gets late they decided to head to Makati, where else, Talyer 🙂 ! So, husband and I went ahead and had dinner while waiting for them.

It was the usual set 🙂 , which we also had last Saturday night.

Tuna Belly and Tokwa’t Baboy (no photo)

And Ensaladang Mangga, I super love this appetizer!

Just about to finish our first bottle when they arrived, G and Miki-san plus two of Miki-san’s high school friends back in SLU. Like the old days, when everyone is calling me Mama, Miki-san was still the same bubbly person, except that he’s a little heavy this time, hehehe…


The night was another history for all of us; it was so heartening to hear stories of what went before over and over again. I cannot measure how each of us had grown, had settled, had pick up despite the losing chapters of our lives. As we look back, we can still feel right the outburst of our emotions but this time on a different level 🙂 .

We ended the session after midnight and went home with pieces of photos to keep in mind that no matter how long it would take for us to see each other again, our friendship would live through. To G and Miki-san, thank you for the wonderful time 🙂 .  And Miki-san we wish you a safe return abroad…


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