The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

discovering Olivarez Plaza

Sunday, husband and I drive to Tagaytay with Nanay, SAM and P. They tagged along at Save More where we do our monthly supermarket routine. You heard me right, monthly 🙂 . I realised that this one effective for me, doing the supermarket thing on a monthly basis and buying only the necessities like cooking oil, soy sauce, vinegar, toiletries, noodles, chips. And I realised that going to a smaller supermarket is an advantage especially when budget is tight. That saves me from splurging on things we don’t actually need, hehehe…

Right after, we went to Olivarez Plaza. My Nanay had been telling me that this place is house to plentiful of good finds.

I mean this place is like an open market and ukay-ukay shops are everywhere. Though I am not a big fan of pre-loved items or those we referred as slightly used products, I gave it a try 🙂 besides the location is really pleasant. Aside from ukay-ukay shops, Olivarez Plaza surroundings a number of establishments like supermarket, convenience store, drugstore, and fast food chain, Atm machines, souvenir shops and there’s plenty of eatery around.

Tagaytay Country Hotel is within the area too and some of the rooms are fronting this landscape.

The stalls are named in Filipino fruits and herbs; the wooden signage is captivatingly cute 🙂 .

So, let me guide you a little on this thrift shopping folks.

Selection (Class AAA) is a shopper’s bliss. You get to find really low-priced pieces of clothing. Price range from Php20.00 to Php180.00 and another round of discount is given upon paying.

I got this Korean styled long top for Php160.00 and that white mini-dress is SAM’s, which was also sold for Php160.00. My second piece was an Esprit neck scarf (no photo), which I got for Php150.00 🙂 . The shopping style is you have to dig, fit the item (btw, fitting room is available) and check for any flaws like missing buttons, stains, tear and ask for further discount. It pays if you speak Ilocano because the store keepers are mostly from the Northern region 🙂 .

I wish we have plenty of time to go over all the racks, I am sure there would be more to find. Anyway, we would definitely give this place a second visit this April.


These stores would be on my line-up on our next trip 🙂 .

Before we head home we had a light meal at McDonald’s.

P eats like a big man 🙂

It was a cheery weekender for us, how sensible do you spend weekend folks?


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