The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

driving to Binan

Sunday afternoon husband and I went on a short drive to Binan, Laguna. Yea, this one is overdue, we should have done this sometime last December but because it was a very busy month we skipped this and continually skipped month after month.

What’s there to see in Binan? I cannot say much except that going to Pavilion Mall excites me 🙂 ! It is because the mall is house to outlet shops like Guess, Levi’s, Dockers, Plain and Prints, Shapes, Artwork, All Flip-Flops, etc. The markdown is big so this place is worth a visit.

Husband and I didn’t buy any last time; we were looking for jeans however the stocks were quite outdated. And I pass over those tops even if cost were discounted. I opt to save it for next month’s Big Outlet Sale 🙂 !

My only regret is we passed the chance of dining at Aling Nena’s Binalot or at Atoy’s Porkchop, will give these two another trips soon. I didn’t say next week Honey, hehehe…

P.S. Arriving home our Bea had the biggest beam 🙂 . And it’s been a week now and she still finds her squeeze toy amazing. Di pa nya kase nasisira, it’s worth my Php85.00 🙂

Our adorable!


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