The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Bea goes Victorian

Last two Sunday’s husband and I stumbled upon a canine event at Boni High (without Bea 😦 ). It was hosted by Hobbes and Landes. La Belle Epoch, the event, had a subtitle A Victorian Dog Affair.

Seeing those entire gorgeous canines made me feel sorry for my Bea for missing this gathering. Bea would have loved to come in ruffles and laces 🙂 . Anyway, we didn’t stay long and left with a single purchase for my baby.

I got her a Victorian pink hat. Daddy picked the simple design of this piece 🙂 .

Our Lady Bea thinks her birthday is nearing soon. Oh no, not too soon dear! It’s Ate Shen’s birthday, which is nearing this month.

For those interested to get their baby dogs a fashionable hat too, I think this one supplies 🙂

BabyMoon Pawprints

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