The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

out and about

Whew! It has been a while. After almost three weeks in hiatus, I am not so sure if this come back will be 100%. The long pause is because I was out more so often these days or it is either my real job occupied most my precious time. And the least I could do is to peep at this blog every other day and make sure that this page is still mine 🙂 .

I had a wonderful and lovely month of February folks and I hope you had one too!

Like what I enlisted on my last post, things to do and things to look forward. HAPPY to say almost completed as of date 🙂 .

From buying a new luggage and getting on an airliner with my other half.

I got an American Tourister, which husband and I brought in HK. I would want another luggage, but that needs sometime and a little wait for the luggage sale in State Center.

I didn’t let passed the last few days of the Bluecross Sale. I tried on several pieces but bought nothing at all, that is what you call self-control, hehehe…

I had our DIY HK itinerary readied however, things change on the last minute. I have no regrets after all 🙂 . Our HK vacay was a very memorable occasion.

We get to celebrate Heart’s Day shopping in Kowloon district and a dinner date up and away via Boeing 747.

We had the chance to explore Macau and tried our luck on playing baccarat games. We didn’t win any HKD but it was an encounter, which will be remembered.

My SL conversion was timely so shopping is LOVE all year round!


And finally, after 10 years, my service was acknowledged. It feels good receiving that envelope oh, I mean plaque 🙂 .

I spend last weekend with my maternal cousins and remembered our Lola Ina’s birthday, she could have been celebrating her 89th but she was taken before that.

Sending our greetings to the sky –still a Happy Birthday Ina! We miss you…

Sometimes there are things that happen naturally and things we should work on to make it happen. My take is at the end of each day, be thankful for the day that was and count even the smallest things. Life is good!

This weekend would be FUN as we make sand castles and bonfires. Beach bound this time 🙂

P.S. I promise to do a detailed post of our HK-Macau trip soon…

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