The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

our Boracay vacay (part 4)

Before we went to bed (on our last night), we planned of getting up as early as 6am to enjoy a morning sea breeze but it didn’t happen.

Rain awakened us and bigger waves welcome us that Sunday morning, so, that gave us no choice but to spend our last day at the hotel vicinity.

We decided to get breakfast first at Mama’s Fish House and we had pancake, scrambled egg, sausages and fresh fruits. I paired my breakfast with orange juice this time. It was another superb plate; I wish everyday breakfast would be like this 🙂 .

After breakfast, husband and I peeped at the beach. And there were the rough waves comparable when it’s low season. I stayed on the shore and professed in sand writing how I miss our Bea.

When rain started to pour down husband and I went back at the lounge and serve ourselves with coffee. I took that moment to discover more of Microtel.

The hotel’s kid playground is spacious; the colorful slide is a sure winner to kids!

There were also playthings, which can draw attention to toddlers.

I love the fact that the hotel is family friendly too. (Note: Sorry, but I steal a shot of this mother and son’s bonding moment –lovely!)

For the grown ups the hotel provides reading materials and a computer unit with internet access. I was also surprised to see a “sungkahan” ,  a local game-board.

That’s how Microtel look after their guests; they ensure every vacationer will truly enjoy Boracay Island.

After an hour, husband and I went to our hotel room and prepare for our 12noon check out. And even before we left our room, I felt missing our modest stay.

Truly “Nowhere in Boracay is the comfort and intimacy of hotel living available at such great-value deal than at Microtel Inn and Suites”

Husband and I spent our time back at the hotel lounge while waiting for our shuttle to D’Mall. I wish to be back and enjoy these luxuries again.

Few minutes before we left…

And during our shuttle ride…

From D’Mall we rode a tricycle to Cagban…

Cagban was such a busy port with all these guests…

The experience was truly amazing…

Arriving at Caticlan Jetty Port does not mean to say goodbye at all, until next time 🙂 .

Before we check in at the airport, we sampled big bowls of La Paz Bachoy with Kimchi. It was a different combination but I love how La Paz Bachoy balances the strong flavors of Kimchi.

Our flight back to Manila was scheduled at 4:20pm however, it was delayed and we waited for another hour for our aircraft to arrive.

I was a little worried that our flight would delay further and that we may need to stay overnight at the airport. Oh my!

To kill time I kept myself busy with my rebel baby while  munching some of our pasalubongs 🙂 .

When finally the arrival of DG0042 was announced I felt relieved, finally we’re coming home! Boracay would always be paradise but I have no money tree to sustain the life at the island. If I would ever win a lotto bet by millions, I would get a house in Boracay to fulfill a dream 🙂 .

The flight back to Manila from Caticlan was fast, it went a little rough but maybe it was just the wind.

And these would be my last memory of Boracay –the Island Paradise!

This vacation would not be possible if not for the generosity of people at Hit A Bargain! and Microtel Inn and Suites. My husband and I truly enjoyed our time and we cannot thank you enough.

As promised, I would do a summary of all our expenses during our 3days/2night stay.

click to enlarge

 Read on and have your own unique Boracay vacay!

It was an awesome birthday experience for husband and me 🙂


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