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our Boracay vacay (part 3)

I realized that while in Boracay time is significant. Actually, it’s always 🙂 but during our short visit, the more I need to move double time.

After a catnap, husband and I get ready to experience White Beach, try out something else and make our last night in Boracay as memorable as possible.

We skipped the shuttle ride from Microtel to D’Mall and decided to explore on-foot 🙂 .

From Diniwid Beach to White Beach, we use the trail, which is a cemented pathway along the cliffs. It’s the easiest way to jump at Station 1.


At Station 1, most of the establishments were starting to set up dining tables and chairs. I cannot help but love the mood of dining outdoor and watch over the sunset –romantic!

Most high-end resorts are located in Station 1, where there is less crowd and wider beach.

We passed by Friday’s, Pearl of the Pacific, Waling-Waling Beach Hotel to name a few.

Boracay is truly something unique and every angle is picturesque.

The breathtaking sunset is something to look forward as day end set off.

And even if during our visit, it wasn’t the usual orange-filled dusky sky, it remained beautiful as is! 

I suddenly missed Bea during our trip when we bumped with a black Aspin. Bea would also love to wander and feel the powdery sand on her paws. She would especially enjoy the crystal-clear water.


As we move along, we spotted Willy’s Rock, which remains a favorite photographed spot in the island and I need to have a keepsake even if it was so hard to get a singly copy of my own.

If it’s not high tide the rock formation is accessible by foot but since it wasn’t that time, we didn’t bother to get wet to see the Marian grotto sitting on top.


Paraw sailing is the most popular water sports in Boracay and I hope I am gutsy enough to brave the waters and find balance to try this activity.

Note: I regret for not buying a sturdy tripod, so, husband and I could have a decent photo together.

Aside from Boracay’s welcoming atmosphere, it is a foodie’s paradise.

Jonah’s Fruitshake is considered as one of Boracay’s delight –labeled as The Best Fruitshake in the Island.

It is contained on mineral bottles with a straw punched on the bottle cap, I find it only one of its kind 🙂 .

Because husband had been nursing a cold while we were in Boracay, he passed this cold drink and makes one or two sips on my Banana Choco Vanilla. He ordered Chori Burger, which is another popular beach food in Boracay. The usual beef patties were replaced by grilled chorizo. They say that your Bora vacay is not complete without tasting this yummy burger. I give two thumbs up for this 🙂 .

Be sure not to miss the signage during a leisurely walk to Station 1.


We also passed by all flip-flops by the beach.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, which is located at the southern end of Station 1, is a must-stop for Boracay habitués. I will save this Mediterranean inspired restaurant probably on my next trip 🙂 .

Our last stopped before we sat down for dinner was the sand castles. Locals make sand castles using fine white sand everyday and tourist can pose at those sculptures. Do not forget to give donations later on 🙂 .

Finally, dinnertime! It was another cooking feast, which isn’t new to me. Guilly’s  Island serves buffet where you can sample Filipino, Japanese, Italian and Chinese cuisine at a very affordable price (Php275.00).

Chicken soup tasted very good and hot.


We decided for makis as appetizer, instead of their green salad.

We sampled some grilled seafood and pork belly.

I also had lapu-lapu (cooked like escabeche) and lechon kawali. 


We skipped the pasta dishes, which are cook right in front of you.

And I cannot miss the Mongolian bowl however being a fan of this simple dish I was disappointed that they do not have bean sprouts.

I cannot help but asked the cook why they don’t have it, and I was told that it is not available in the island and even in Caticlan, it is very hard to find. I guess I have to take their words and enjoy my bowl.

Okay, I always prefer my bowl without rice or noodles on it 🙂 .

Husband envied my creation so he tried to get his own and enjoyed it much.

For dessert, they have sweetened banana and fresh fruits. We chose the latter.

While we were trying to warm down from a very filling dinner, husband ordered two bottles of Beer Zero. It was my first time to try the SMB Light ice-cold and with frost outside. It taste like water and I love it.

It’s like my love affair with SMB will be rekindled with this creation 🙂 .


If we came there in a group, I would have rent out a shisha paraphernalia for everyone to enjoy. Another next time 🙂 . FYI –rental fee is Php550 unlimited with different flavors to choose.

We left Guilly’s few minutes before 9pm and walk to D’Talipapa, where cheap finds can be found from souvenir shops to wet market and restaurants. I took the time to buy pasalubong for my co-workers and for my family.

I had bayong style refrigerator magnets at 5pcs for P100; compared to the D’mall they sell it at 4pcs for the same price.

Hand-painted fish refrigerator magnets cost 9-10pcs for P100, depending on your haggling expertise. Island souvenir shirts (sando style) Php100.00, medium sized native purse at P40.00 and capiz necklace 2 for Php150.

Back at D’Mall, we walk around to kill time while waiting for our hotel shuttle. I had time to shoot some activities as it happen. There’s D’Wall rock climbing and Ferris Wheel ride.

And before I got tired of people watching Microtel’s shuttle arrived. Maybe my age makes me easy to get tired after few hours of walking and talking.

I told you I would prefer a cozy lounge to spend the night away and like the previous night after arriving back at the hotel we decided to laze at the lounge while having coffee and chat about our fun-filled day at the island.

Day 2 officially concluded with traces of HAPPINESS from both of us. Again, thank you Microtel and Hit A Bargain!

Our last day in Boracay will follow soon…

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  1. january February 2, 2011 at 10:53 am

    it was docgelo! we truly enjoyed our stay 🙂

    thanks for dropping by and have a good day!

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