The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

our Boracay vacay (part 1)

The weekend that passed was pampering, extra ordinary and breathtaking because husband and I had a grand time at the scenic island of Boracay.


Let me recap all the happenings as it happened during our three days/two nights stay 🙂 

We left Makati past 11am of January 14 (my birthday!) and while on our way to Domestic Airport, I was praying that traffic would be bearable. Our flight to Caticlan is scheduled at 12:50pm and we have to board at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure  time. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it 😦 ; the counter had closed 10 minutes prior to our arrival.

Right away, I asked if we could board the next available flight. Good thing the slots are still open, the boarding pass was handed to us right away. After paying the terminal fees, we decided to check-in and wait for our 3pm boarding.

It was one of the longest wait I had, so, to kill time husband and I ate (expensive airport meals 😦 ), watched Showtime, play with his iPod, went OL (using his BB) and cam-whore 🙂 .

Few minutes before 3pm, boarding was announced. We’re flying via Seair flight DG139 and while at the boarding gate, I noticed that 99% of the passengers were foreign nationals. Oh well, expect more of them at the island, hehehe…

Our 35 minutes flight went on smooth, despite some rains it went well; we arrived Caticlan airport in no time and my second thoughts of riding a small aircraft recede 🙂 .


I can now say that Seair is the fastest way to experience the beauty of Boracay!


From Caticlan Airport (Godofredo P. Ramos Airport), we hailed a tricycle going to Caticlan Jetty Port, which is our jumping point to Boracay Island. It was another 15 minutes ride by pump boat to Cagban Arrival Center. And since we have no arrangements on transfers, and was clueless on how to get at Diniwid we chartered a tricycle again. The route was a long ride and slightly expensive. I only wish somebody from Microtel offered us the free shuttle from D’Mall, at least we could slash half of our fare.

From the main road, Microtel is located at the north of Station 1 and we have to pass the back doorway leading to the front desk. I handed my Microtel GC and we were welcomed with capiz shell necklace, complimentary welcome drink and cold towels 🙂 . We were shortly briefed about the facilities, the island adventures, about the shuttle schedule (a copy was handed to us) and even offered a safety deposit box if we need it.  

After we got our key card, we were assisted to our room, which is located at the second floor. Our room was spacious enough, hotel living at its best!  Let me pore over every corner of our room this time.


The package I won from Hit A Bargain! was a Double Room Accommodation for two. The room was equipped with two chiropractic queen-sized beds enhanced with high quality linens and pillows.

I always love fresh linens and Microtel exceeded my expectations 🙂 .

Our room also had a cable ready television, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, telephone system, and a built-in closet and radio clock. Sorry but I didn’t see the internet-ready data port.

I especially love the full-sized bathroom with hot and cold shower facilities, who wouldn’t anyway 🙂 .


Window seating is available for relaxation however, we could have enjoyed it more if we were given a room facing the beach. I think the view we got from our window was the backside of Melrose Place. We chose to have the curtains closed most of the time for that time alone.


Having all these comfort, we felt big time! Husband and I sampled the bed by taking a short nap before hitting the beach. And it’s because of the coziness we over sleep, hehehe…by the time we were freshened it was already dinnertime. We hopped at the hotel’s shuttle going to D’Mall where food outlets were mostly located.

We went around and found plentiful of shops that sells pasalubong items and beach items (there’s S.W.I.M, Nothing but H20, Lonely Planet, etc.). Even if we wanted to wander, our tummies were complaining badly, so, we look for a place to settle and eat. For first timers like us, it was not easy to decide. We almost ended up eating in Mang Inasal if we didn’t found the dinner buffets at the beachfronts.


We thought all buffets were priced at Php300.00 so we settled with that one with plenty of shells and crabs, and lechon on their selection. We find it cheap and satisfying, though I was wishing there were shrimps included 🙂 .

Husband and I overload ourselves with seafood and seafoods and later on had watermelon to rinse out.

Now I wonder if watermelon really works 🙂 .

Tropical beach nightlife in Boracay happens in Station 2 and after that filling dinner, we walk around to experience more of it.

There were too many to chose from drinking, eating, dancing, singing and other entertainment. We then found out that there were plenty of buffet, cheaper by P50.00 than what we had for dinner. Oh okay, we were too gullible at these first times 🙂 .


While our way to Station 1, we were surprised to see a Starbucks branch, so, instantly we get ourselves a Grande frap to go. It’s perfect to sip something cold while getting around.

We also stumble upon some fire dancers and you think I would let the chance passed without having photo with them? Of course not, so I drag husband to that photo op 🙂 . It was amazing to watch these poi dancers perform –spinning and twirling.


We wanted to try Sandbar because of their tempting consumable rate (Php275.00) however, we felt too heavy to drink. It was almost 11pm when we decided to walk back at D’Mall to wait for our shuttle.

Back at Microtel, we decided to stay at the cozy lounge for a while before ending the night.

Day 1 has concluded with BIG smiles and BIG thank you to Microtel and Hit A Bargain!, we explore more of the beach the following day 🙂 .


To be continued…

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