The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

year-end 2010

My first post for 2011 would still be the happenings of the holidays.

December 30, 2010. It was the last day of work for 2010 and my reward for myself was nail pampering at Let’s Face It!

It’s because I expected a heavy traffic later on, I asked husband to pick me up late, so, that gave me plenty of time to check out some stores at Robinsons Galleria while waiting. And I was so happy to find out that US retailer Payless Shoe Source is now in Manila 🙂 .  It feels I haven’t read that long for me not to get this update…sigh!

photo source:

Anyway, I spotted this red flats, which would pretty look good on me but because I cannot fit it perfectly (of feared of scratching my nail colors) I would give those pair another trip 🙂 .


Later that night, husband and I didn’t go home straight. We stopped at Mandaluyong Circle to sight see the Christmas display, which had been going on for the past three years.

It was our first time to witness and be part of this event, we then realized how too busy we’ve been the past years and kept on missing it.

There were animated Christmas displays, rides, performances, tiangges and food stalls –now I understand why it was a hit to many people 🙂 .

December 31, 2010. When everyone we knew was rushing their way out of Metro Manila to go away for the remaining days of the holidays, we made it easy at Divi Market to buy fruits for the festive Media Noche.  After all, it’s still worth it to haggle for the best price at Divi despite the stinky smell and muddy streets.

Our best buys,


Crimson Grapes (Php130.00/kilo)


Kiwi Fruit (3pcs for Php50.00) and Sugar Plums (3pcs for Php50.00 too)


Persimon (sorry I forgot how much it cost…)


Sagada Oranges (4pcs for Php100.00)


Ponkan (9pcs for Php100.00) and Fuji Apples (4pcs for Php50.00)


Washington Apples (Php10/piece). We also had Kiat-Kiat, 2 bunches for Php100.00

Strawberries, Php50.00/pack


Broccoli, 2 bundles for Php100.00 only


These items from SM Supermarket: Asparagus and Parsley  

My sister even bought Tiger fireworks for Php80.00 per piece, which is sold at Php150.00 near 168 Mall.

Before daybreak, the three of us (husband, Che and I) were back at home in Mandaluyong; at once prepared our baggage and finally drive home to Cavite 🙂 .  

Shortly after our arrival in Cavite, we prepared for the family get-together at my cousin’s house. Unlike last year, we advanced it this time because we thought everyone would want to rest and sleep after welcoming the New Year.

The brilliant idea of my cousin, J.B., worked! Even if we didn’t make the 100% attendance, it became a very happy occasion and a cheery year ender for all of us 🙂 .

my maternal family

My maternal family has plenty of lows for the past four year; I wished 2011 a year of new beginnings, of good health and prosperity for everyone.



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