The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Media Noche

As always, New Year’s celebration is big time at our family house. It’s even grand to Noche Buena and Fiestas. We always look for something new to please our palates, something that isn’t offered everyday, or even over the counter 🙂 . It is the season to test our culinary expertise (ehem 🙂 ), which my sister and I can account as all home-based experience.


Every year our buffet table symbolizes the fruit of our hard work, the bounties of the year we had. It’s a small thanksgiving and the time to wish a prosperous New Year!

Our Media Noche,


Roasted Ham


Garlic Shrimps


Grilled Asparagus and Steamed Broccoli


Pork Barbeque and Sausages Kebab


Green Grape Salad minus the Feta cheese


My Nanay’s Pancit Canton

We also had Baked Penne with béchamel sauce (I thought I had a decent photo of it….hehehe 🙂 ).


Palutang or Palitaw couldn’t be missed

Our dessert station had cakes from Conti’s,


NY Cheesecake


Sansrival (my family’s all time favorite 🙂 )


We also had leche plans, ube, fruity macaroni salad, fresh fruits and chocolates from M&S, which the kids love to munch 🙂 .


We couldn’t thank the Lord for all these blessings 🙂


At strike of 12:00 midnight, we welcome 2011 with loud noises and merry making –with fireworks and more fireworks 🙂 to cast out the wicked spirit.


A family dinner ended the tradition; we wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



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