The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

spicing up another year

Five years ago, I was the casual bride so our wedding ended up a little disorganized, especially my coming an hour late behind the time 🙂 .  I regret that it didn’t turned out to be a pixie one. Anyway, it was still a happy occasion because family and friends witnessed that special moment in our life.

Yesterday as we marked our 5th Wedding Anniversary, we thought of celebrating it the simplest way like last year. There was nothing fancy because it was a weekday too.  Husband and I decided to meet up right after work and have a simple dinner and coffee afterwards. It was like the normal Friday night out…


Like the usual, I arrived earlier in Makati, so, I decided to drop by at Greenbelt Chapel. I chance upon a bible service so I stayed to make use of my idle time. See, I am way improving my inclination –from shopping to bible service  🙂 .  I felt the need to work on with my church obligation from now on.

Anyway, back to our dinner date. We had a hard time choosing a restaurant (again) at Greenbelt 3, so, we went on to Greenbelt 5. I was already considering Chilli’s as our last option until Krazy Garlik caught my interest.

I first got my overview of Krazy Garlic in the time they were running a contest.

The dishes look good and the review was superb, so, there was no reason to snub the inviting garlic dishes as well as the modish interiors of this place.

The set we had,


Garlic and Anchovy Affection P190.00 The serving was really cute 🙂 .  And the garlic didn’t taste too strong; it was buttered and looks as if baked. These portions were perfect crostini spreads.


Spaghetti Vongole P325.00 This dish serves two so husband and I split the generous serving of pasta. I just noticed that my preference of pasta flavoring should always come with a hint of seafood. Husband especially loves the clams 🙂 .


Garlic Snowflakes Pizza P385.00 It’s a 14” pizza with garlic chips spread all over it. Cheesy and Garlicky makes this round a must-try for first time diners. I was not surprised at all when husband says that, it taste better than Quatro Formaggio of Italianni’s. Hmmmnnnn….he sounds of becoming a food critic now 🙂 .  I bet this would be on our list again on our next visit.


Alice Blush. P250.00 It wasn’t mango puree at all but I forgot the rest of the mix.

We skipped ordering desserts because we were both saving space for coffee. Based on my personal judgment Krazy Garlic would be a hit considering also that the Bistro group, which is known to deliver good food and dining adventure, owns it 🙂 .

The coffee after,


Husband and I settled at Starbucks in Greenbelt 3 for caffeine indulgence. It was always comforting to sip a hot brew while lounging. And every time chances like this happen, I consider myself lucky. I consider myself fortunate that during trying times husband and I can still sit in and squeeze ourselves to a multitude.

I wished another year of good luck, good health and good life for us. There would be tough, tougher times to come but I am positive that we could defy any storm, any test that would come into our married life.


Happy Anniversary Honey! I love your dearly 🙂

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