The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

another Christmas rush weekend

Over the weekend, I went to a lot of activities, from DFA-Divi-MOA-Market Marktet-Boni High. I had to maximize my time and complete my shopping for family and friends. Although, I already shopped mostly in Warehouse’s sale and Duty Free shops, I still need to add more to my growing number of godchildren 🙂 .  My target is to finish all the shopping rush this week. Help me Tooth Fairy! hehehe….

The Saturday and Sunday happenings,


Husband and I went our way to DFA early morning of Saturday to finish all our transactions –special thanks to Mr. VRF for the Courtesy Lane letter, it really helped expedite everything 🙂 .


Right after, we tried a new eatery at Aseana Power Station in Macapagal Blvd. (I will do a separate entry for this folks 🙂 ) .  And later on, moved to MOA to meet up Nanay and Sam.

These were my Christmas sightings in MOA.

Then off to Divi to bargain and experience the inconvenience of Christmas rush in all streets of Juan Luna and Soler…hehehe. Our Christmas preps wouldn’t be complete without the haggling and rushing at Divi’s tiangge-style every year 🙂 .


Saturday night dinner we drove back to MOA and savor the appetizing cooking and plentiful of seafood at Dampa. With all these eating, how can I avoid gaining too many this holidays? I worry somehow, oh my!


Since we were thinking of busy streets our way home we decided to laze around San Miguel by the Bay for a while and people watch. I didn’t know that there were exciting bustles around; I thought people at the bayside only wanted to stand by.


People these days need not to go out somewhere far to enjoy bungee jumping. Sam and I were captivated as we watch those kids sampled the Bungee Fun. I dared Sam but like me, she is not too sporty to try this craze.

And there still the Tram ride around MOA, which I first tried four years ago 🙂 .

Sunday had been rewarding. After we dropped off Nanay and Sam in Makati, husband and I drove to Bonifacio High and checked the on-going Lifestyle sale at Dimensione. I got something for myself this time 🙂 .


A new pair of peep-toe flats from Charles & Keith at 25% off…


And a mini Mango Bravo cake from Conti’s. I told myself to buy this fabulous cake soon as 13th month is credited 🙂 . That’s how easy I can be at times Honey…

Back home on Sunday night, instead of spending the whole night online I started doing my Christmas presents.

I’m almost done and ready to give out 🙂 !


My Pink Christmas holiday theme is happening and I am looking forward on plenty of pink stuffs this season. Join me on my pink celebration!



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