The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the perfect steak so far

It was a belated birthday treat for my sister last Thursday night as we hit Ortigas Center this time. The venue is at the sophisticated and upscale 22 Prime Discovery Suites.  

A day earlier, I arranged with Mr. Dave Banez Jr., Operations Manager of F&B Section our coming. I told him that it’s my sister’s birthday and asked him for a little something…


We arrive at 22 Prime at 7pm and was welcomed and directed by Karl to our reserved seat. I was so happy that the table they chose for us was window seating, which gave us a dramatic view of metro’s skyline during the night.

Adding to that panorama was the relaxing and warm interiors of the restaurant. It’s not so everyday or even like every month that we can luxuriates with this kind, so sister and I make the most of it 🙂 .


A complimentary bread stick was served on our table together with three spreads, which I cannot name 🙂 . The stand out was the very creamy one, which I can tell was cheese based.


Our starter was Ceasar Salad with Blue Cheese Fritters. I can attest that they picked the freshest greens and a distinct selection of bleu cheese for this serving 🙂 .


Before our prime cuts were served, we were offered different knives to choose. It was impressive 🙂 .


We had specialty steak -Rib Eye. The order was big (400gms) and enough to be shared by two people, who have a big appetite like ours :).  It went with two sauces of our choice –Forest Mushroom and Tarragon Béarnaise.

I had the steak well done but I can tell it was served medium rare, it was warm, succulent and juicy pink inside.


Another specialty steak order was the Grilled Wagyu Beef Medallions. I am not a big fan of steak so I have no idea if we got the leaner cut or the one with a lot of marbling 🙂 .  Whatever it was, it was tender to perfection and tasted so good 🙂 .


Our meats were paired with Chef’s recommended side dishes – Potato Gratin and Grilled Asparagus. I especially loved the Potato Gratin; it was the right pair of our protein intake while the Grilled Asparagus was the healthy choice.


We skipped signature cocktails and house wines and settled for bottled water. It was too expensive for me because I am used to ordering bottled water at the price of less than US$1.00 only…hehehe.


And finally, down to our sweet ending. Like, I said I made advance arrangements –it was a mini surprise for my sister. A slice of their signature dessert –Chocolate Marquise served with a single candle for blowing.

Happy Birthday dear sister! May you have a good year ahead, a healthy body and soul 🙂 .


The soft chocolate mousse was just right served with vanilla English cream and pistachio bits, except for vanilla, chocolate and pistachio would always be a favorite combination.

It was the perfect ending of our ultimate dining pleasure.


For this dinner, let me thank 🙂  

P.S.  Before I went to bed that night I was surprised by this message 🙂

Ate thanks for the amazing dinner that I may never had, if it wasn’t for u. It was one good experience and a sumptous post birthday meal..Minus d supposed birthday greeting blooper and d little extra dizziness for the protein overload…hehe tnks again. Really appreciate it.

 =============================================================== 🙂

25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600 Philippines
For Reservations:  T: (63 2) 719.6808 / 719.8888  E-mail:




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