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what do you want this holiday?

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The most wanted gifts this holiday, shop Gap for clothes for the whole family! 🙂



dreaming of Christmas at Debenhams

My sister and I had an initial shopping at Debenhams last Tuesday, which is right after my little shopping spree at Big & Small warehouse. And if last Saturday I was able to manage and pass on those lovely flats things came so fast last Tuesday night…hehehe 🙂

 “It was destiny!” says my sister who shared the same love affair with flats.

She impulsively bought a pair while I was having a hard time deciding. I told her I might come back again for those pair but she offered to pay…yes, she did!

So, I got my first Christmas gift this year from her and I love it.

More shopping days to go, I hope I will have plentiful of money by then 🙂



Big & Small Co. Warehouse Sale

Tuesday was declared holiday to celebrate Eid’l-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice). I had initially plans for yesterday, which was to drive to Binan or Sta. Rosa but something came up so I had to cancel the trip.

Instead, I spent half day at Big and Small Co. warehouse sale 🙂 .  

Since it was first day of the event, there were plenty of good finds from Big & Small and Orange Juice brands. Spin and Havin’ a Baby had mostly jeans and maternity pants, so I didn’t spent too much time peeping on their racks.

I came without my gift list so it took me long to decide on how many piece and to whom I should be giving it. Yes, I am partially starting my Christmas shopping 🙂 .  And part of shopping for other people, I should be practicable while staying brand conscious.


These would be for inaanaks. I can’t help but splurge when sale like this happen. I went home with three bags 🙂




the good and healthy choice

Monday was a long day at work and even after work, (It was awful back at my place of work 😦 ).  Okay, my day started with the usual things, I came to work late but nonetheless I worked more than what is expected (that means working beyond my scope and responsibly taking over for other people lapses…sigh!). I wonder when I would get merit for doing those things…waiting for nine months now 😐

Right after lunch, one of my office dearies convinced me to join her ordering of Good Burgers. We both had a BLT Burger; serving is Better, which cost us Php100.00 each. I don’t exactly remember the last time I got a bite of this mouth-watering burger. All I remember is, it taste so good, juicy and healthy 🙂 . I finished half of it only while having coffee because I was saving space for dinner this time.

4:56pm was the time when the early work call off by 5:00pm was announced. Funny, but who can instantly leave the workplace given that 4 minutes timeframe? I bet you would easily recognize whose genuinely working and whose somewhat working…hay! I was able to leave my office at 6:00pm and head straight to Greenhills Shopping Center.


Dinner was at Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House. This restaurant specializes in naturally flavored, healthy and delicious soups. 

I took over most of the ordering part and had Fresh Spring Roll (Vegetarian) as our starters. There is an option to order pork and shrimp but of course, we chose the healthier one.  

C & I shared a small serving of Canh Chua Tom, which is actually Hot and Sour soup with Prawns and Pineapple. This is so good, though it’s far different from the usual hot and sour soup served on Chinese restaurants.

I also got Minced Chicken and Mushroom with Lettuce Wrap. We had fun wrapping the minced chicken and fried and strained sotanghon, making it stay on the lettuce wrap while eating and dipping it on the peanut sauce. My love affair with Chinese Lumpia can be accounted to this delightful serving.

J had rice plate –Grilled Chicken and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice.  It was a no rice dinner for me this time so I skipped getting a bite on J’s plate. I was still planning to add a Mango Prawn Salad but felt heavy after finishing three lettuce wraps 🙂 .

We had the healthiest choice! And I am planning to give Pho Hoa another visit soon 🙂 .


We spent some time watching this year’s COD. It’s necessary to see every year’s animated Christmas display, for me it’s a tradition that I started ever since a kid. So why break the customary when Greenhills would always be a stone away from my work place 🙂 . Okay, the Night Market would probably a must visit too this holiday. The hand puppet caught my eye, I am sure Bea would love to own one 🙂 .

Went home past 9pm and I am glad that the day ended lovely. This for now, I need to plot my calendar. I am seeing the following weekends to be busy (too busy 🙂 ).


P.S. All photos courtesy of J’s Nokia phone 🙂


my early Christmas rush…

Saturday, I started the day early because of my wanting to grab a new mobile phone.

I intend not to announce Nokia’s biggest treat this year on my writings to avoid additional competitors 🙂  but I was so surprised about the thousand of people who camped at Megamall. Who would not get interested when Nokia slashed off 60% of the C6 model for just two hours?

this is too bad 😦


I didn’t bother to try my luck after seeing the line going around the stairs from 4th level to ground, probably not my day 😐 . Left Megamall empty handed and feeling so sorry, I should have come behind the mall opening hours.

Christmas at Ayala Center


Off to Makati after accepting my fate, after getting a little irritated and all that 😦 .

Roasted Garlic & Shrimp 10"


The Yellow Cab late brunch saved my not so well feeling. I love shrimps and cheese toppings all the time! I didn’t stuff myself with too much pizza; I was saving for caffeine.

peppermint mocha fraps


SB's Planner 2011 in three colors


The red cups are back and so the limited edition SB planner for 2011. I can’t wait to have my own one soon 🙂 .

A story for every cup!


This year’s promo card needed 17 stickers; 9 stickers for the featured beverages and 8 stickers for the beverage of your choice. Anyway, from last year’s promo card is my Wish planner, which smells new until now.

where tradition of luxury lives on...


Next best thing after that caffeine infusion was a little shopping 🙂 ! Oh my! Christmas is just so near, I want to splurge but I have to save some for future trips…ehem 🙂  and besides December is shopping for other people, I need to be finicky.

I heard from sister that Debenhams went on sale last week and I missed it 😦  but I still went on to check their holiday collection and find a gift for my soon to be godson baby Banuy. I had a pretty hard time deciding on those cute newborn suits and later on get a Blue Zoo three piece set, which I am sure even my sister would love 🙂 .

Rustan's gift-wrapping is awesome!


The best part of shopping at Rustan’s as always is the added service like gift-wrapping. I love the effort they give no matter how posh or inexpensive the item is. Each box is treated special.

Getting around I spotted Havs on sale, I was supposed to get a High Light II style but my size was not available. The sale would be until month end maybe I could visit other stores and check the style I like.

His nth pair, limited edition Filipinas collection


This pair isn’t mine; it’s for my other half. We got the Limited Edition Filipinas collection 20% off the original price, good deal it was.

Twister Fries for a Limited Time


Before heading home, had to make a stop at McDonald’s to buy Bea’s pasalubong. And guess what’s back? The twister fries! I know I’m quite late about this announcement 🙂 .

The day ended well with my aching ankles 😐 , the more I wished to have a pair of Fitflops this season. I am writing from home right now, I was supposed to go to Rockwell and make use of my Free Foot Spa and Reflexology but I think this trip need another schedule.


Let me leave everyone these photos of my Christmas sightings yesterday, have a happy holidays everyone!


happy winnings

Okay, I would confess profoundly.

when a simple comment counts...


Following my first time to win an online promotion (that was March 2009), I started to be hooked. And I kept on joining online promos especially when writing is required 🙂 .

Though I let passed some coupons because I wasn’t able to claim it, winning alone felt good. Being recognized is something big aside from the very rewarding prizes and freebies accounted with it.

What I missed?

–          FREE Whopping Adobo Flakes with Kesong Puti Meal at The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar! (Hit A Bargain! promo)

–          FREE slice of Claudette’s specialty cake Dolly Sin (Hit A Bargain! promo)

–          FREE Basilio’s Equisite Lunch Specials (Hit A Bargain! promo)

–          Ibayo GCs (blogger’s event)

–          Starbucks complimentary beverage (Starbucks promo)

I will not go one by one but I tell you I had travels, GCs, dining certificates, tickets, and accommodations all courtesy of online promos. It’s great to have the luxurious things absolutely FREE.

Free Dinner at OTP with my Family


And the best part of these winnings is sharing to people I love dearly 🙂 .

I still have few tickets to exciting things and destinations –that includes, the HK tickets, the Boracay accommodation, the 22 Prime F&B GC, Spa certificates and the latest is the Fontana accommodation. I wish that added blessing would pour in for the days ahead and for the year to come.

May happy winnings be to everyone 🙂 .