The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

tired and excited…

At the start of this week, I wrote some, few lines, few photos of the weekend…honestly I don’t have the drive to write because I suddenly felt tired, of blogging? Of course not, maybe it’s my real job that occupying much of my time. I’m not complaining at all ha, I just need to say it over and over again.

That little happening this week –

Wednesday afternoon I went all the way from San Juan to Fairview to pick up my winning at the Muzikademy Blog Contest. Ms. Janice Hung personally handed me the tickets and other freebies, unfortunately my ever-reliable digicam, failed me that day, so, I left without any photo of that one-minute fame I had. Thank you also to Ms. Louise for being so accommodating 🙂 .

Just waiting now –

I told Ms. Louise I will be coming to Clark but will definitely be a little late tonight because of work again. Sayang un one day stay at Fontana, anyway husband and I still have tomorrow and Sunday to enjoy the Fontana’s wonderful offerings 🙂 .  And I am a little excited to pig-out, to shop 🙂 (the best part), to visit some friends and definitely to have fun on Muzikademy’s concert night.

I’ll write back probably on Sunday, have a happy weekend folks 🙂 !  



P.S. We will be missing Bea during this trip, sigh…her Lola would take care of her for the meantine 🙂 



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