The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Dancel Jerus Baptismal

I missed my Sunday routine, getting up late and chillin’ under the blankets because I need to attend a Pre-Baptismal seminar. You know I am Ninang again so I need to show up, as this is required for both parents and godparents.

ok, excuse him for being sleepy all the time 🙂


Oh and the lucky kiddo was none other than baby B 🙂 .

during the Pre-Baptismal seminar


The talk took an hour and I was telling my cousin, Irish, to be ready for unexpected questions 🙂 . Remember Social Ethics in high school?  It’s more of that so I was a little coaching her every time the speaker would ask her about things related to Baptism.

welcome to the Christian World baby B!


And finally, the Baptismal Rite. I was a little amazed that on an ordinary Sunday there were many who went to have their child baptized. I wonder what its like on special days.

Ninangs L and J, mommy Irish and daddy Joel


Ninangs here wishing baby B a joyous beginning of a lifetime!  Sorry, I need to end this writing short, I feel so sleepy at the moment…ssshhh



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