The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

hating Friday (?)

I am slowly beginning to dislike Friday 😐 ; it’s a personal judgment so I would rather not go detailed about it.

Anyway, after two long eventful weekend, I want this weekend to be hushed, to be simple, a weekend for me-time moments. So, I don’t want to plan anything. It would be more on lazing in front of the television and in front of this notebook 🙂  this time. I am pretty sure that after this week, the holiday rush would definitely be more felt because of 13th month pays and bonuses…hehehe, so let me set aside my energy for that.

Remember my wish list in June? Well, like I said it’s free to wish but I would absolutely go over with that and get the necessity only 🙂 . It’s always worth to save for February sale!

By now, all I have in mind is getting out of here and go home. It’s “Magkaribal” last airing tonight and I don’t want to miss any fuss about this much-talked teleserye.

And let me end this day shortly wishing everyone a blessed weekend!

Expect a pink holiday with me 🙂




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