The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Treat only on Hollow Eve!

Saturday, after a filling dinner+fun at OTP our little boy didn’t let the night pass without that stopped at Summit Ridge Promenade. Dare asked him why we always need to stop? He would boldly response, “Ano pa e di magkakape sa Starbucks!” Yes, the three-year-old boy loves to lounge at the coffee shop with his favorite blend –Mocha Frap!

Unlike last weekend crowd was manageable, this time it was the usual jam-packed night.

We happily bumped with Ta Pearl’s group so we shared the night on a very lively chat at Starbucks. My cousin, Liit, was shortly vacationing too from SG so it was nice to see her around.


Trick or Treat? We had treat only 🙂  and a fun-filled night donning that monster costume around 🙂 .

Hollow Eve was cool and Christmas spirit is very close –the sweet smell of the holidays is already in Tagaytay!



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