The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

All Hallow’s Eve

We made it at last night’s Halloween event themed Fantasy + Magic at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites despite the heavy volume of traffic we were at while driving towards Cavite. It is also because we left Manila late 😐  so we had to beat the time.


The event started at 4pm however, we arrived at 6pm so the kids missed the highlights of the magic show and face painting activities.

It’s a good thing that Pao instantly became busy playing with other kids while Sam enjoyed much the loot bag stuffs and film showing.

Dinner was served few minutes after we arrived so that saves our day 🙂 . Let me share what we had but excused me for the poor shots. I was a little hesitant to take photos because there were quite plenty of people so I might be an obstruction to them at the buffet table 🙂 .


The antipasti platter is thinly sliced assortment of cold cuts. I got two slices, which I later paired with the green salad.


Salad Bar’s greens and sauces. I had mine tossed with vinaigrette for that tangy flavor.


Tomato based soup with pasta, which is an excellent recipe for the vegetarians. Okay not for me but I enjoyed the light flavors it had.


Green Pea Risotto was another vegetarian rice dish, which to some is intimidating and had no appeal at all but it won the appetite of my sister.


Baked Fish Margherita was a little disappointment because the fish was half-baked, so I ate the outer layer only and discarded the big portion of it.

Chicken Scaloppine (no photo), which I mistakenly thought of fish fillet because of the slices 🙂 . This is good however, I wish it were more garlicky and lemony instead of topping it with a tomato-based sauce.


Carbonara was perfectly cooked right in front of us, creamy and filling!


And we were served with these lightly sweetened pudding topped with caramelized milk. I wished coffee were served alongside these treat 🙂 .


Overall, we happily enjoyed dinner. We even stayed longer for the raffle, hoping even one of us would take home a vacation package especially that Misibis Bay tour.

Anyway, the food and the happenings were gratifying enough, what more can I ask?


On our way out, I bumped with Ms. Odette Aguilar, OTP’s Director for Sales and Marketing, and it was flattering that she still remember me way back from that June family get-away we had. We had a little chitchat together with Mr. Marvin Barawid, headwaiter, who helped us with all the arrangements.


It was another blissful evening to remember. Our big thanks to Marvin! We hoped to get a good deal on Christmas Eve 🙂 .



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