The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

rainbow be with you…

Thank God, It’s Friday! I long wished for this day to happen because it’s been a bad week. Who made it bad? Well, let’s say people who abusively used the word “clarity” and “update” back at the office. I don’t want any of them anymore, please 😐 .

Anyway, let’s hope for a happier weekend again this time since husband and I will enjoy another three days off; Monday is All Saint’s Day. We had plans however there would be times those plans would be just plans so I would let the universe decide for me this time 🙂 .

Tomorrow, we had plans of bringing the kids to One Tagaytay Place for the Halloween event but I had second thoughts considering the rates. I find it a little expensive especially if husband and I will both attend. Let’s see if this thing pushes through…

On Sunday, Irish baby B will have his “Paliguan”, it a small celebration, which will highlight the baby’s taking a bath though it wasn’t the first time. Normally, the family would prepare “Ginataang Bilo-Bilo” or the one we called “Palarusdos” in Cavite.

And on Monday, we will visit our departed love ones. It would be a very busy day because we have three graveyards to visit. I only wish I could be super girl at times 🙂 .

somewhere over the rainbow way up high...


I am leaving you this day a glimpse of the beautiful rainbow I captured last weekend. May it bring hope and promise to everyone. There could no pot of gold at the end of it but I am certain that it’s all magnificence 🙂 .



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