The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

nail care

Going to a nail salon became a habit forming ever since our old manicurist (Ate Elvie) became a “murderer”. No casualties okay, only swelling toenails 🙂 . I had a hard time finding the right place to trust my ingrown nail every now and then; it is because mine isn’t ordinary. Mine would normally curve and grows in the skin, which later becomes hurting on closed shoes. So, I need a regular pedicure to avoid infection later on.


I was a regular customer of Focus Barbershop & Salon in Glorietta before an explosion hit it in 2007. I usually have a foot spa with pedicure package. After it closes, I went on nail salon hopping until I finally tried Let’s Face It! It wasn’t easy on the beginning getting comfy every time they will do my nails. I normally would come home with a sore on my toenails. Until I finally get used to their process on foot care. There are times I still get a minor wound but I am thankful that Let’s Face It! have this antibacterial gel applied after a pedicure session. It truly works because I haven’t experience any infection or swelling.


Another thing I love about Let’s Face It! is the Zen inspired décor making it completely relaxing. The staffs are well trained and friendly. Plus factor is the reasonable priced services. The whole package is totally rewarding!

Luxury is no longer a privilege set aside for the rich, but a well deserved right for the world-weary urbanite. –Let’s Face It!


essie's Show Me The Ring right for me 🙂

 And Let’s Face It! offers imported nail polish like essie.

I wish I had the same fabulous colors at home 🙂 .

===================================================================== 🙂

Let’s Face It!

Robinsons Galleria

Level 3 Unit A Body Place, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas


Beauty Offerings & Pricelist HERE

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