The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

my sweet fix ends in San Fernando

San Fernando is my most frequent town in Pampanga simply because it’s closest to Manila and it’s a gateway when going places like Zambales. And mull-over my love affair in Kapampangan sweet delicacies, which can be found in this busy capital.


Still on Saturday, after some duty free shopping, we travel to San Fernando this time. Earlier, I sent a good friend an sms about my possible visit. The last time I saw her was in 2008 when my family and I went to see the Giant Lantern Festival. And after two years, finally we had the chance to see each other again.

AR is my high school friend, which had been living away from my hometown because her work had taken her to settle in San Fernando a decade ago. Her family now had found a living on this town so they occasionally travel to Cavite to visit her siblings. So whenever I am free to drop at her place I definitely don’t miss that stop at Lourdes Heights.


It’s because AR and I don’t get to see each other, as often, we cannot run of stories to share every time we are together. It’s like memory lane remembering names of old schoolmates and how it was like before. The story came never ending and I wish I had more time. Anyway, she will be home on All Saint’s Day and we might bump in by then. I am hopeful because another friend will be coming home from abroad by that time, it would be a good time for us to get-together.

We left her place before six in the evening. Thanks for the Aurely’s treat my friend 🙂 .


Perhaps it wasn’t easy for me to get over that box of Aurely’s, which was served to us that’s why while at Mac Arthur Highway I kept an eye, so, we would not pass over Aurely’s however we still did. It’s a good thing that RS had a better vision so we make a quick turn right away 🙂 . However, the inverted brazo was already sold out 😦 and so I had a hard time deciding, which box should I take home.


Guess what I got? I had the assorted box 🙂 .

It was a very tiring Saturday to top the activities we had but it was so worth it. I look forward on giving Pampanga another visit this December 🙂 .


P. S. I forgot to mention that TA sent us home a box of brownies too from Susie’s Cuisine.


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