The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Christening Day of Elaine Therese

Like I told you last Thursday we were to drive north on Saturday. I am thankful it happened without any nosiness.


Husband and I left Manila at nine in the morning and with us is my good friend RS. Our destination is Angeles to attend the baptismal of Elaine Therese, daughter of TA, which RS and I had been friends since college. Anyway, it was like just last year when we attended her wedding and just the same, we traveled from Manila to Pampanga to witness her becoming Mrs. Ronquillo. This time, we celebrate with her family, as we became godmother of her cute baby.


We arrived at Immaculate Conception Parish in Balibago, Angeles past 11am, the rites had been starting then so we were late 🙂 .

To say that at least we made it during the photo session, we have proofs of our attending, hehehe 🙂 .


It didn’t take long and we were treated on a sumptuous lunch at Garden Dine, which sits just across the church.

I haven’t eaten anything yet so forgive me for my gluttonous plate. I had two servings, sshhhh 🙂 .


Since our friend TA was also busy entertaining other guest, we had little time to catch up with her.

We didn’t stay long, after a few rounds and a series of another photo break we went ahead.  We will be missing TA again and we’re expecting to receive invite on ET’s first birthday next year 🙂 .

For now, welcome to the Christian World Elaine Therese!

It was still early to drive back to Manila so why not spend the rest of the day at the Freeport zone 🙂 .

To be continued…


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