The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

weekday recap

Monday, the usual I was too lazy coming from a very eventful weekend. I am literally lousy and sleepy during this day.

Tuesday, I thought of not coming to work because my flu had worsen and what’s even worst was I got inflammation on my paranasal sinuses. It was giving me so much pain and my antibiotics are not working this time 😦  Btw, I already got my promo prize despite the challenge it gave to everyone involved 🙂 .

happy beer-day! shisha, shisha and more shisha to come!

Wednesday, a day close to our quarter-end close. I sent birthday greetings to one of my favorite cousin and he returned an sms message with his bank account. He forgot to give me which bank so I had the chance to trick around and say, “san banko mo sa Tawi-Tawi?” so that saved me from his sends up. hehehe… 🙂

Thank you for your votes! --BEA

Thursday, probably the busiest day of the week. It’s the last day of September and a stressful one for everyone. I got a deal from Brothers Burger. And I got to drink a glass of Coke after two weeks (?). Oh and by the way, FN’s Cutest Pet had already concluded however, the tally of votes is not yet available. I am positive that our Bea will get one of three major prizes 🙂

our passport to the finest sand and crystal clear water 🙂

And today, I asked husband to pick up our Microtel GC. We’re flying on the first second week of 2011.

My entry to Monterey Meatshop promo was also chosen, I would be getting my Php1, 000.00 GC anytime next week. Such a nice way to end this week 🙂 .

Later after work, I will be heading straight to Galleria to have my nails made. I asked husband to pick me there and I have no idea if we would stay late outside. I prefer not this time because we need to be early tomorrow morning for the Pet Blessing happening at the G-Strip. Then, we will drive south to spend the weekend with my family. Come Sunday, I will be seeing my relatives again at Ninang Elo’s 1year Death Anniversary.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone! 🙂


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