The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

SeanJoe turns One!

Sunday, husband and I went out to attend a kiddie party.  Like wedding, I love kiddie parties -the loots, the party hats, balloon decors and all the party stuffs you can associate with it. Though kiddie parties on fast food chains are quite standard, a McDonald’s party would still be a stand out for me :).

this is Sean Joe Davidon Dempsey

Celebrating his 1st birthday is Sean Joe, my good friend’s youngest son.

Be the Kid! Join the Hero!

Cute little boy’s theme was McDonald’s latest Ben-10 party!

Let me share few photos, which were mostly courtesy of my husband’s initiative (Thank you Honey 🙂 ) I wasn’t feeling well to move around so I let him took care of the scene as it happened that day.

What I love most that Sunday? Is seeing old friends and having small talks. And did I mention that it was held at that old McDonald’s Greenbelt, which we frequent during the 90’s. I always look forward reuniting with old friends, those tangible one, those you can call your other self. Those I have too many memories to recount every now and then. 🙂


Anyway, I look forward on more occasions with them. For now, let me wish the little boy good health and to grow as gorgeous as her mom! 🙂

an old photo with one of my favorite couple

By the way, Sean Joe is Gerry and Genny’s beautiful son. 🙂

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