The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

an afternoon delight

Still last Sunday, after attending SeanJoe’s kiddie party in Makati the three of us, Leoncio, GP and I drove to Ortigas Center.


We went to Megatent to catch the last day of The Big Outlet Sale. I was excited to find a fab piece like the previous years but I was a little disappointed. Leoncio and GP score a good pair of Levi’s jeans while I end up with nothing 😐 . I was expecting Giordano would have a wide selection this time, as well as Speedo however, both stall occupy a small space with very limited designs.


I think Designer Eyewear had the largest sale. I was hoping to spot again that Morgan sunglass I’ve seen in Ideal Vision before but I didn’t find any. Anyway, it wasn’t on my priority list this time.

I was thinking home after Ortigas (because I was sleepy) but GP invited us back to Makati. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon because there was no rain and the mall was not too crowded. We went for a short walk around before we finally settle at Yellow Cab, Glorietta 5 to make use of our idle time :).

Wings, Chip and Wedges

After all, I didn’t regret going back to Makati. Yellow Cab’s Fleet Starters was superb! I like how the potato wedges was baked, it’s too delicious for me. The chips were crusty perfect for that salsa dip. And what can you expect from those Hot Wings? It wasn’t too hot, which I love! hehehe…

NY Classic

We also had a 14” classic pepperoni, which Leoncio and GP later on realized would be the perfect match of ice-cold beer while I had a bottle of Sola. It is because we were too busy with our tête-à-têtes we didn’t notice that our mouth became too busy too 🙂 .

It was already past five in the afternoon when we dropped off GP to a nearby Starbucks because he had to meet one of his clients. Husband and I head home this time, I wasn’t feeling good the whole day but getting to see old friends makes me sound well.

Thank you to our friend GP for the wonderful pizza treat :).

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