The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

weekend recap -sale, good finds & more

During our trip yesterday at SM MOA I wasn’t successful in finding the perfect pair of open-toed heels for me. I lost interest in getting around the mall because people were everywhere. Husband was also complaining the same and was even sarcastically annoying me about the sale. Never mind him; he’s saying that he finds comfort shopping in Rustan’s. Sosyal noh! Anyway, I also do but my moolah is not enough to shop at those high-end shops right now. And I need to save some for next week’s outlet sale…hehehe 🙂

Shops we sneaked in yesterday –

Pet Express, I was hoping to score a good bargain for Bei, a new collar but the EzyDog accessories were not on sale. We bought dry food because I promise to bring home something for her.

People are People, where husband eyed a driving shoe. It says Php1, 499.00 but husband being the thrifty person would like to wait until the final markdown. He bought the same at Php999.00 over year ago. 

Shoe Salon, I heart Fitflop but it’s not in my budget right now. Hon, you know my size. I hope you would surprise me soon. It’s Walkstar 3, white please :).

Dorothy Perkins, I love those lace dresses :).

GAP, hoodies were on sale, which is perfect for the coming cold season. Price starts at P1, 250.00, not bad but I pass over because my brother-in-law recently brought us comfy pullovers when he went home from Canada last July. I love their kid section sale, there were items priced as low as Php395.00 :).

Nine West, they were on 65% markdown on selected items, which were mostly shoes.

Zara, okay it’s not my idea to hop in there. Husband got curious of the items they carry. You know my brand preference does not include this one because the sizes were too small…hehehe

I didn’t notice that we already passed Charles & Keith; however, I didn’t bother to move back. My legs were already tired, the more I need those Fitflop Hon to re-energize my hard legs. 🙂

While getting around the big mall, something eye popping catch me!


Crazy Crepes saved my day! I was thinking of a Nutella flavored one but later on decided with a cold crepe -Mango Caramel. Husband even made the serving to large, I super like it! 🙂

At the Hypermart, I bought just a few items enough for the coming week. I was about to buy some fresh mixed fruits, that one which were already sliced however; I find the section a little unhygienic unlike that stall in SM Makati.

And before we went home, we dropped by at Chocolat. I bought two slices of their super moist cakes – Death by Tablea and Bailey’s. 🙂

We arrived home past 12:00 midnight because we didn’t notice the time. I was a bit gloomy, unhappy about the sale, sigh! And the sight of Bei’s sniffing our goodies as well as her bag of dry food was something that made me smile :).

She would always be my stress reliever 🙂  (while husband is murmuring something like, he is stressed with the two of us- Bea & Momi).

And while doing this post husband was sipping a cold beer while channel surfing.


I would call this moment, Dadi and Bei’s Heineken experience! 🙂


P.S. I wasn’t successful at all in completing my to-do-list this weekend especially that big walk for Bei and my blog entry thing. Nonetheless, I would still write those things for next week and hopefully be able to finish everything by month end :).



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