The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Paalam Inay…

Saturday-September 11, 2010 Inay was finally laid to rest. It was a very unhappy afternoon as we walked towards The Roman’s Memorial Garden.

Most of my cousins took the long walk as they reminisce the good old days, the good old times they were in the care of our dear Lola. I cannot claim to be one because I did not grew up with her but I spent most of my summers away on that little farm, which my Ama and Ina had cultivated and developed.


A family friend, Fr. Mel Sandoval, offered the funeral liturgy the night before the interment. It was a solemn one except that my cousins would always play comical to break the silence.

It was teary; it was heart breaking when the AVP was shown to everyone who went that night. It was a compilation of past birthdays and other celebrations, which Ina had a good time because we were all part of it.

We will all miss you Ina.

My family would like to thank everyone who mourned with us for the entire duration of Inay’s wake. Salamat sa lahat…

Inay, like Nanay said during the memorial service, all is well with us; we are going to be okay soon. See you someday.


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