The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

puppy express

Yesterday I played fairy godmother to CJ, one of my goddaughter. That is because I felt the need to after hearing so much of her agony from her mom.

CJ recently lost her dog, Cody, and she was in pain for almost a week. I felt the same way every time I would lost a dog, it’s like something so valuable was taken away. Like her, I cried many times.  I still get teary every time I would remember “Tuting, Sweden, Chocolate, Butchie and Kulet”; they were all dear to me. As a child it is traumatic and grieving is normal so is recovery.

Though replacing a cherished pet is not recommended right away, we still thought that the best way to fast recovery is getting a new dog. The time I handed CJ the box, I saw happiness in her eyes. It was like telling all of us, I will be okay again. Then I realize she’s now ready to give Gelai the same love and attention she devoted to Cody.


 This is Gelai, may she bring joy to CJ’s life everyday! 🙂


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