The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

teleserye night

Husband and I initially planned to drive to Makati after he picked me at SJ City. I was excited and pretty numbering some stores I’d like to check while we were crossing Wilson St., I was even asking husband where our dinner would be. Oh my! Even before we reached Shaw Blvd, I had a change of mind, never mind the sale hoola! Midnight Madness, which had started yesterday (Aug 13). I just wanted to be home. Yes, you heard me right. I suggested that we just buy something for dinner and go home straight this time. Maybe husband was thinking I am a little sick…hehehe, of course I’m not.

The reason, bongga!

It’s Rubi’s last epi on nationwide television. Tagged as the “bidang kontrabida”, I was an avid follower of this teleserye. Angelica Panganiban played the lead role as the lady who loves red and red – Rubi! She pretty deserves an acting award for television for doing a great job on this project. She is so so Rubi and I love her much!

The ending was unexpected because from the teaser I thought her character would die. It was a good twist, she given another chance to live, she conceded her wrong doings and eventually changed from her being a bully. Rubi is just like many of us, she played very tough but deep within her she had a heart, a big heart. And what matters to her would always be love for her family, especially to her Nanay. So, after Rubi what’s next ABS?  I think its going to be that series with Cristine Reyes as lead role. Anyway, so far so good there’s still Gretchen on Magkaribal.

Oh, before I forgot I am sharing you fellas the dinner we had earlier.


Roasted Chicken from Sr. Pedro and Pork Liempo from Baliwag.


And the sweet something of our Friday dinner. Ice cream (again!), Selecta Creations Pistachio and Cashew (again!) and Selecta Pinoy Sorbetes Keso flavored.

A beautiful Saturday morning to everyone! 🙂



Photos: from my Canon EOS, sorry ABS for taking photos from our tv screen. 🙂

2 responses to “teleserye night

  1. docgelo August 15, 2010 at 7:07 am

    my wife watches rubi even when we’re on skype, would you believe? that’s how infectious those teleseryes are, LOL! 🙂
    …and that photo of your dinner is such a tease for a pork-deprived man!…anyway, we’re eating pork again (on a once a week basis) after we attend mass here in penang. thank God for chinese people, LOL!
    …enjoy your new week. God bless.

  2. tammikuu August 15, 2010 at 10:26 am

    wag ka ng magtaka doc gelo, ABS teleseryes are phenomenon kaya who else wouldn’t be hooked. after every ending people do have something to look forward on prime time TV.

    i wonder what would be your Sunday indulgence back there today. have a blessed Sunday and a happy start of a brand new week! 🙂

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