The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

BBQ+Shisha+Pool+Send Off Party

Saturday-August 7, husband and I drove south to join my maternal cousins to an overnight BBQ party they organized at a private resort in Calamba, Laguna. The get-together turned out to be my cousin, Jojo and his family’s send off party as they are bound to go back to Dubai today.

Let the photos tell you how everyone enjoyed that rainy evening. 🙂


Since we arrived at the venue past seven in the evening, everyone was hungry and good thing that dinner was ready in no time.


No more long wait, party starts now, bring the house down!


And while most of us had been feasting on chicken adobo, spaghetti and DIY eggplant salad, overload of beers and grilled meats and fish were on stand by waiting for us.


I bought this super moist chocolate cake from Icing’s, which everyone enjoyed after that hefty dinner. By the way, it’s called Hearts on Fire.


Even before everyone finished their plate, the kids already went on to test the waters.


The younger boys went on playing billiards while it seems Sam cannot give up her facebook addiction. 🙂

Grown ups enjoyed a good chat and cam whoring, of course!

While the big boys getting ready to drown themselves with alcohol.


They partied hard as if there will be no tomorrow!

And evidence of how musically inclined Pinoys are and that videoke machines would always part of any occasion to add life!


Finally, I have photos of their shisha sessions, which they called “baknat”, “baknatan” referring on the used of waterpipe as they smoked shisha-flavored tobacco.


And even if it was not the hot spring Laguna was known, even if there was rain nobody was stopped from having FUN! 🙂

All tired and sleepy we retired two or three hours before daybreak.

And by 7am, everyone was out of bed preparing to drive home except for my cousin whom Pao called Moki…hehehe

It seldom happens and this time we were almost complete, that rainy afternoon drive to south was so worth it.


We drove home with happy faces and I so missed the McDonald’s stopped over they had at Bel-air because husband and I were already savoring breakfast at the Fort area the time I received their sms. 🙂

Happy trip to Jojo, Che and Jorrel and until next year! And to my wonderful cousins, nieces and nephews – Joel, Jena, Aeja, Julien, Irish, Joel P., Moki, Samantha, Buknoy, Adoy, Dodong, Tita Pearl, Michael, Joyce, Kate, Wowie, Grace, Raf, thank you for the great time.

Too bad my sister and her husband and Pao missed this gathering and Jheck too 😐 you missed a lot this time guys!


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