The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Happy Birthday Aejna!

It was after a month when finally husband and I were able to drive south and visit my family. Timely to our visit was my goddaughter, Aejna Marie Beatrize, 7th birthday.

The night before the birthday party we bonded with my maternal cousins who were mostly vacationing from abroad and had fun while we were introduced on how to make use of the sisha, a waterpipe instrument used for smoking flavored tobacco.  We went home late with Paolo. (I had no camera that night so that ends no picture to remember that fantastic evening)

Sunday at Aejna’s Birthday, we came in a little behind the party time because of some issues we needed to address right away.  I had very poor shots the entire party because of the humid temperature and the party was a little disorganized (?). I have to blame the caterer, short of waiters staffing the food and ensuring that the table set-up was in order. Anyhoo, this is Joel and Jena’s first event without the aide of Ninang Elo so I guess this will be a learning experience for them. 🙂

Let me share some of the party’s best part.

Cupcakes! Because everyday is a celebration 🙂

The kids enjoyed much dipping their mallows, this one too sweet for me. Some honey dew please! 🙂


Clowns on birthday parties were fun and entertaining

They play a very important role on adding entertainment to the party. See how amused the kids are?


I had to admit they kept the children tittering with delight, while providing time for adults to relax and savor the birthday party.


They made a good job by making every kid participate on games and contest. See that our little boy (clockwise: Pao in yellow shirt on second pic) did not outcast himself very much this time.

Cake blowing minus the party popper


And who could not loved the happy faces of these kids 🙂


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AEJNA and I wish you joy that never ends.


P.S.  I hope your guest enjoyed the looties Ninang made 🙂


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