The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Our BGC Story with Bea


Even before the tragic accident in Ayala Center, husband and I were already frequent visitors of Bonifacio Global City establishments. 


It is because husband and I enjoy much the wide avenues, green parks and spacious and well-landscape features of BGC. Other than that, we find BGC’s Boni High Street pleasant and safe environment that is pedestrian friendly and orderly. 


Bonifacio High Street is witnessed to most of our happenings and becoming. And one of those many things I would like to share is our being responsible human to our now three-year-old Bea, a yellow Labrador retriever, which had become a regular visitor of BHS. 


Bea came to us the time I was still mourning after a loss of a six-year-old canine, she instantly became the apple of my eye and in no time won the heart of my husband. 

Since we found out that Boni High Street is a pet-friendly establishment we started bringing her especially on weekend.

She basically grew up with the idea that weekend is her day out and that means driving to BHS with “Mom and Dad”.  She needs to be somewhere where he can feel the grass beneath his paws and be around her own kind.

Bea with Mommy and Sam (my niece) during 2007 Halloween Event

Pet Blessing in 2008

 Occasionally we allow her to attend events where she could meet many of her kind. 

Bea and Max

Bea and Solo

Bea and Berkley

Bea and best bud Oreo

In fact, she met too many to remember their names, their breeds and even their humans. 


Bea had a favorite place to eat and that became our much loved too.   


Her treat would always be a satisfying flame-broiled 100% beef burger from Brothers Burger. 


Every now and then, we would visit Hobbes and Landes.

And delight her with those yummy treats. 🙂


We are a childless couple to date but we have been blessed on different things and Bea is one of our blessings. 

proud humans with Bea and our adopted Shen

We called ours a family and like a regular one, quality time spent on bonding session is important to us.  

BHS had been our venue for the last three years and we wish to continue frequenting the place with our adorable Bea.

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  2. tammikuu August 16, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    hi, ms. annalyn. thank you for choosing my entry 🙂

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