The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Ilocos, my second home (last part)

This is the last part of my Ilocos trip, yeah it took some time to finish there were plenty of intermission and work back at the office is killing me softly…hehehe

Monday-Jul 19 we drove back to Manila but before that, I would like to share our last few moments at Ilocos.


We bid goodbye to Nanang and Tatang just before lunch time and since I was thinking that it would probably take another year for me to visit I have to make the most of it. 🙂

Even Manong take hold of the time with them because it would take him another year or more to be back to the Philippines.

I felt a little bad 🙂 ; I wasn’t able to do a family picture of my husband’s family before we left. It was because Manang Dalen and Manang Linda went ahead of us at the riverbanks.


Anyhoo, I went ahead and gave the two sons a souvenir photo with the two oldies. I would have loved it if it were the entire family…sighs again! Now, I am wondering when they will get-together again, a year after? Five years from now? I really cannot tell…

Okay, another thing I missed was a photo of Bea and me on this green rice fields. It was because husband kept on saying okay will do that tomorrow and that tomorrow never came 😐

So I content myself with these very scuttle photo…


This time we chose to cross the river by a bamboo raft, husband had a hard time getting hold of our Bea. She was very insistent to jump off and swim.


We did not skipped dropping by at the parish church of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur before we travel back to Manila.

I had the chance to shoot some while husband and Manong revisit and probably reminiscing the compound they were both very familiar.


Finally, I convinced the four of them to pose for me…yehey! 🙂


We made a short stop at Tagudin’s Yellow Market to buy some snacks. I heard that Mayor Versoza was a solid P-Noy, so that answers why this establishment was painted in yellow. 🙂


Passing at San Fernando, La Union I spotted this eating-place, which my friend Mike had previously recommended. However, not this time…maybe soon 🙂


And to Damortis, where we bought dried fish and squids. Manong will bring home to Canada plenty of those dried goodies, his pasalubong to friends and to his wife, Helen.

I gained a little knowledge from Manang Linda while at Damortis. She was telling like, people at this place should not be selling dried fish; instead they should sell kamatsile or other known as Manila tamarind. Why? Because Damortis itself is kamatsile in Ilocano (try Ilocano dictionary). Thanks for that knowledge power Manang L. 🙂


Back to our long drive to Manila, there were times I felt sleepy and almost did. Like, I always do, I want to keep awake to keep every details of the road and places to visit soon. And funny but I was missing Ilocos in my mind. And my in-laws old age saddened me a bit; I wish they would live long enough to see our future kids.


When we hit this at the expressway, I know we are home. I missed the city lights but once in a while, I know I need to get away and smell the greenest grass of June.

I wish you all a brand new week, thank you for taking some time folks 🙂

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