The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

heavy rains, hungry tummies

Despite the heavy downpour yesterday, husband and I drove to Manila area to buy supplies for an upcoming birthday party.

We thought of delaying this activity after the heavy rain cause flooding almost all over the major roads that we passed by. Actually, I fear that we end trapped and the only way out is to walk and brave the floodwaters. Oh my! I don’t remember and I don’t want to remember either when was the last time I walked on flood, getting stinky and all that. Back in college probably because the university is luckily located at the university belt so what can you expect during rainy months? Okay, that was loooooooong ago and I don’t want to go through those days again.


After battling with traffic plus flooded roads, we arrived at Binondo in an hour or so. Like the usual, from Binondo church we would take a walk going to Divisoria proper. Imagine the muddy street we face along the way.

We hurriedly buy all the necessaries and left the place, this is not the perfect time to shop so I skipped 168 Mall.


Even if husband and I were drenched in rainwater, we did not let the chance passed without dining at a favorite Chinese eatery.

Coming from a very tiring activity our appetite was bigger than the usual. 🙂


And I can order even without this handy menu, it took me a minute to complete our set.

We had,


Hakaw, one of our favorites!

Steamed Tofu, I always love to order this; it was like eating fresh taho.


Steamed Spareribs for husband


Fish Fillet for me  🙂 

On our way home I felt heavy, that was the first time I finished their rice topping without hubby’s help. Burp!

Happy Monday foodies 🙂

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