The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Ilocos, my second home (part two)

Sunday-July 18, I was awakened by the noisy sound from outside. And these scenes greeted me that day.

My MILs backyard porky was slaughtered. Oh my! Good thing I did not see it while it was happening.


No big occasion to wait for the small gathering that happened; it served as thanksgiving for our safe home coming this year. 


The Thanksgiving Recipe

The pork meat later on was served as a thanksgiving recipe, which everyone enjoyed. Take a peek of the authentic Ilocano dishes and traditions I had during this time.


Ata- Ata. Pork Meat and innards half-boiled, cut and seasoned with black pepper, salt, bay leaf and ilocos vinegar. The preparation was very much like kilawin and according to husband; this was very similar to my favorite Dinakdakan minus the pork brain.


Dinuguan (Dinar-daraan). Unlike the Tagalog soggy dinuguan, Ilocano version was dried. I love how it taste differently from the one I was accustomed.


Kaldereta. Their version – a stew made of bony parts, bell pepper, black pepper, tomato sauce, potato and carrots.


The food was not served buffet style unlike what I used to back home. Everyone got this plate full of pancit plus the preferred viand.


Later on, after feasting on pork meats the chaps gather around to sip the local wine available, which is Basi. Basi is sugar cane wine made in Ilocos region and is served normally during occasions and special gatherings.


It was actually my first time to witness a thanksgiving the Ilocano way.

It was like a town’s fiesta where everyone is welcome. Moreso, it is a time for family, for sharing, and a time for food, fun, and friendship. 🙂 


The Afternoon Delight


While the local folks were busy catching up in between shot of basi, we (Husband, Bea and me), together with husband’s friend Nonie take an afternoon walk at Amburayan River.

The path leading to this waterway is a short trek from my in-laws backyard so in no time we reached the riverbanks.


We allowed our Bea to swim but not for long because the water flow was strong and husband was afraid that she would be carried away into a deeper portion.

It was tough asking our adorable Bea to get out of the water.

Husband needed to use force this time…hehehe. 🙂

We returned back home and had a quick shower. And spend the rest of the afternoon lounging at the veranda where we had the perfect view of the rice fields and the mountainside.

How can you go wrong with such creations that we do not enjoy back in the city.

Life in this town may be old-fashioned and plain but I adore the attitude and amity. Everything appears to be genuine and pure.


Am I considering this quite place to be our retiring home? Ok, 20 more years to think about it… 🙂


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