The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Bea’s birthday bash with Mom and Dad!

Husband and I spent Saturday afternoon with our Bea. Remember? It’s her day out! 🙂 It is our little treat to her since we were not able to celebrate her birthday last July 8.

Our first stopped was at Tiendesiats where we gave her a pampering grooming session.

She was bathe, brushed and trimmed. Even if she gets regular wash at home, still we find her enjoying this activity. And while Bea was groomed, we went around the pet stores to look for a gift.

We got one at a favorite store, a red leash to replace her old one.

After an hour when she was done, husband and I decided to lounge around so Bea could socialize with other canines walking around.

However, like the usual she preferred to play with us.

We drove to Bonifacio High Street for dinner.

Like we used to when coming to BHS, her treat would be a satisfying flame-broiled 100% beef burger from Brothers Burger.


Bea love, love, love burgers! However, her love for McDonald’s would still be on top, like Mommy! 🙂

We stopped at Hobbes and Landes to window show shop initially but Bea could not resist these yummy treats.

So we gave in to her best choice. 🙂

She got a beef treat. Its inside that paper bag husband is holding, while our Bea happily lazed at the store while they waited for me to finish my shopping (?). 🙂

I wanted to buy these this piece but husband does not approve…sigh! I will save for this Bamboo brand Quick Control Harness, which is perfect for Bea during travels.

We went home after a few rounds at the green grounds of BHS. It was a wonderful day. 🙂

Happy Birthday Bei Bei!  And even if you cannot speak a word or two we know that, you always have that dog wish – Mom and Dad’s precious time!

Mom and Dad love you dearly Bunso 🙂

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