The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

one great family at one great place

It was May 20, 2010 when I received a congratulatory email from Christine of Hit A Bargain!, a website I frequent because of exciting finds and promos, it says “You won a lavish vacation package at ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE in  Hit A Bargain! (”. I would be hypocrite if I would say I did not wish for it, I really did so winning something like this was big. After few exchanges of email from Christine, who kindly instructed me on how and where to pick up my One Tagaytay Place GC, I did not waste much time and excitedly went to Midland Mansion to claim my winning.

Then, a month after people at One Tagaytay Place Manila office handed me the complimentary GC my family and I drove to Tagaytay City to get along over the weekend and took the same opportunity to mark my Tatay’s 59th birthday.

Onset at One Tagaytay Place 


June 26 – My family and I arrived at One Tagaytay Place past ten minutes their standard check in time, which is 2pm. I approached the front desk and gave my reservation name right away. And since the front desk was so occupied with inquiries from other guest that time, I thought waiting in queue would take longer. The next big thing happened and it was unexpected, two hotel staffs, which I later knew as Ms. Diane and Ms. Mawie, welcome me (and my family) and pass on good wishes to my winning of the overnight Penthouse accommodation. Later on, I met the General Manager, Mr. Karl Velhagen and the hotel’s Food and Beverage Manager, Mr. Ferdie Ramos Pulia. I was overwhelmed meeting those people, the reason why I failed to capture that breathtaking encounter with my lens. 🙂 


Not long, Ms. Dianne and Ms. Mawie took us at the 10th floor where the Penthouses were located. 


Ours was Room 1005 named Allure. 


And this homey space delighted all of us. It was picture perfect, spacious, stylish, modern and awesome! 


A spacious master’s bedroom with its own toilet and bathroom (with a bathtub :)) for my parents. 


A sofa bed was fully set up at one corner with pinch-pleated drapes and curtain plus a sun control shade blind to divide the space from the living area. I chose this legroom for husband and me. 


Since, my sister’s family came with us we had an extra set up of one queen-sized bed at the living area. 


And my niece, Sam occupied the sofa, which is more like a daybed during the night. 🙂 


The penthouse suite was richly furnished with a six-seater dining table, which perfectly sits in at the center of the room. 


There were two LCD TVs with cable channels, an iPod dock, which my Leoncio loved. 


A mini kitchen complete with a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a coffee/tea maker. 


It was also equipped with an electronic door lock system, which amazed my nephew, a wi-fi access, which my niece and I enjoyed so much, telephones and an air-conditioning system, which we all loved. 🙂 


Oh, I forget there was a common toilet and bathroom, which is accessible from the dining area. It felt so much like home having all these convenience and felt big time with all these luxuries. 


What is more, OTP surprised my Tatay with a birthday cake; it was so sweet of everyone who made my Tatay’s birthday a special one. 


Our welcome drinks followed 


and we all shared a filling mid afternoon snack. 



My family and I cannot contain our excitement over these luxuries. 🙂 



 Thank you so much OTP and Hit A Bargain! 


Wait, there so much more to tell about our stay. 🙂 


6 responses to “one great family at one great place

  1. docgelo July 6, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    this is just fantastic! congratz, ms.elna. 🙂

  2. tammikuu July 8, 2010 at 11:26 am

    It was really amazing to spend a lavish weekend for FREE 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by docgelo!

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