The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

fun, family, pizza (borrowed Shakey’s tagline)

Sunday was raining hard, which did not permit us to drive anywhere. And it was a lucky thing that June 12 this year, which is Independence Day was moved to June 14-Monday. We had a day to relish before the start of another school year and another busy week ahead of us.

Together with my family, husband and I needed this weekend away. Though we frequent Tagaytay, lounging and dining with my family is something to look forward to every now and then. So, Monday afternoon, before our scheduled return to Manila, we drove to Tagaytay ridge. Stopped at the newly opened Save More to buy our supplies for this week and off to Summit Ridge.

At Summit Ridge, we went to look for some place to treat the kids. It was a bit early to have dinner so we took my sister’s kids to Summit Ridge amusement center to kill time.

Since these kids do not regularly hang out on amusement centers, you can imagine the excitement they had last Monday. 🙂

They had fun, most especially my sister’s little boy. When it’s time to move off, we had a hard time getting his attention. Anyway, we always find ways to entertain him though it was a real tough job.

Dinnertime, we decided for Shakey’s Pizza. Yes, I suggested the place because I cannot get over to their crispy fried chicken. Besides, I can consign Shakey’s as the only place in Summit Ridge where kids can enjoy a kiddie meal.

We had the usual set, soup and salad as starters, chick’n’chips (chicken and mojos) and a Grand Slam Pizza.  We skipped the Super Platter again this time so the more I am craving to have one. Let see if husband and I can reserve another dinner date for this wholesome combo anytime this week 🙂

And our keepsake of that day,

Another long weekend had ended and I am thankful to survive the gloomy episode of the week that passed. I will see my family again in two weeks time for my Tatay’s birthday, until then! 🙂

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