The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

uncomplicated contentment

Saturday afternoon was pleasure. I called it one after the not so pleasant happening last week.

Though our trip to South was unplanned this time it felt good, it gave me a fleetingly liberation. 

I am talking about driving to Paseo de Sta. Rosa and this time I felt I badly needed that pace. My last visit to Paseo in March was unsuccessful, which mean I failed to score anything and in short I did not bought a single thing. Fortunately, last Saturday was something else. I enjoyed the walk, the new outlets and the big bargain of course! I know that shopping is a bit over-the-top these days considering the high cost of living however at some point I cannot resist the appeal it has to me; especially when it says, 70% off the price.


I became a little spontaneous that time, sorry Honey! I did not wait for your go signal neither your approval of the item. I trust my preference this time after a few trials looking how good it was on me. And even my sister had to approve that choice. Parang wala talaga kayong choice but to agree with me noh?  Maybe both of them, Che and Leoncio, sense that they need to empathize with my medium of disregarding a disappointment. Thank you for keeping your usual commentary! hehehe…


Okay, this made my weekend exceptional! 

This is last item for this quarter, I promise unless there would be an 80% markdown anytime soon. 

For outlet shoppers, this is Paseo’s latest additions to the increasing number of outlet stores. 🙂


And for those who love the Japanese fashion, Ryuma Group is highly recommended.

By the way, I am much okay now. I am looking on a spanking new start of a brand-new week. 🙂

Happy Shopping folks!


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