The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

dropping a line of sentiments

I love going on trips, who doesn’t anyway and I was fortunate that I married someone who equally loved most of the things that I do except for this blogging thing. To tell you the truth he does not approve this journal; he hates the glare of publicity. He worried so much about discretion, which I seldom do 🙂

Anyway, let us moved on my buzz but pardon me for writing on the other side of the fence. This should not be but I need to 😦

Summer isn’t over yet as I told you on my last beach get away with my maternal cousins. However, there were like two or three sand and sun invitations I turned down because of my prior’s commitment on the much-awaited June road trip. You see, I cannot pledge myself on every happenings my friends has. I have my ceiling, foremost is funds and the other one is timetable. I will not say yes if I have hesitations, I will not plan if that is not doable. I always look forward, that is how enthusiastic I am. Call me animated but I am thrilled over the bounties of quest I set for this trip. I love going on vacations with friends and that is evident from my previous get-away.  For me this is the best time to rekindle the bond and to strengthen the friendship. And never in my life I thought that “this” would bring a difference damage on my relationship with people had I called good friends.

I wish I have other ways to say it nicer or less uncaring but I really felt bad. I am no saint to let this one pass and being the author of this blog, I am boundless to speak up what I care for.

The stunted story behind,

It is today when that 2 months planning blew up! Just when I have already packed our things and brought the necessities…sigh! I wish somebody had informed me earlier. I should have postponed that recent trip to the supermarket. I should have dealt with a more tangible destination. I should have entertained “other” invites. I hate to feel bad but I cannot stop it. It ruined my schedule, my disposition. It’s not fair at all. I cannot consider the reasons, for me those excuses are all unconventional. Tell me I am inconsiderate at all and they are not. Did somebody here mull over the effort I or shall I say we had? The effort of driving our Bea to Cavite back and forth to ensure somebody would look after her while we are away. The effort my husband made during his numerous trips to the car care center to guarantee a worry free transport. I tell you, I should be sympathetic enough if I have known earlier. It should be easier to empathize if there was an ingenuity to tell me up front. This outburst may sound petty for some of you and I care less. I do not seek any vindication; no amount of it would change anything at this time. And I do not anticipate it at all. I sound bitter, which I meekly admit. I am offensively annoyed!

I have to end this day with a twist, with a cheerless expression of what tomorrow would be. It would definitely a different day for me. Later today, I need to unload our baggage, I need to ask husband to drop off the goodies I left on the trunk of our car. That is the least I could do to put behind the unpleasant sentiments of this day.

I am superficial and I just need a good dinner or a good buy to sweep away all the negative vibes.

I will definitely miss the scent of the greenest grass this June permeating the air; I will pay a visit in July. I will write soon…


2 responses to “dropping a line of sentiments

  1. ai June 10, 2010 at 10:50 am

    don’t worry a better vacation with a good company of different set of people might be on your way! just enjoy life 😉 shopping! hehe

  2. tammikuu June 10, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    where’s the latest sale and promo? i need to treat myself, just kiddin 🙂 i really appreciate your presence ms. ai. Thanks for dropping by!

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