The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

triumph and catastrophe…

These days, taking a day off is quite grueling for me considering the profound workload I had back in my office. So taking one last Friday was such a big break for me. It was a day I wanted to spend lazing around and shop. My itchy feet had to go somewhere else…hehehe 🙂

Okay, I did not shopped the whole day. The first stopped was at Cybergate 3 in Pioneer St., Mandaluyong. I went to Summit Media office to pick up the dining GCs I won at the 2009 Nescafe Gold Spot promo.

The hassle of getting there paid off after the P3, 000.00 worth of complimentary steakhouse GC, which covers food and beverage at 22 Prime, was handed to me. I left the Summit people a super Thank You!

Later on, I went to Ayala Center to join my Nanay, Sam, Pao & Ate Eva for lunch.

Then off to National Bookstore to buy Sam all her school supplies. Sam had her checklist so we did not take long buying all what she needed, so, that gives me so much time to do what I have on my schedule for that day.

This time I was off to Arnaiz Avenue with Sam to pick up another fruit of my winning and enthusiasm to write…ehem :), I told you I was chosen as one of the winners of an overnight stay in One Tagaytay Place. And I complied really, when they say that the reward will be ready on May 28.

And it was handed to me just right, just in time maybe to stop me about worrying about the lost I have that same day…sigh! That is all about life, there would always be winning and there will be loses too, so, it is how we would tussle the battle everyday.


And at the end of each day, I choose to be contented and consider my self-lucky!

For now, a blessed Sunday to everyone! 🙂


P.S. It is my Nanay’s birthday today. Sam and I already advanced our gift last Friday night and we have a simple celebration later. I will be writing back soon. Happy Birthday Nanay! Cheers to good health and long life 🙂

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