The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

memoirs of 2008, the missing link

I joined the blogging community in August 5 of 2008 because of my enthusiasm to write anything and everything that has substance for me. I care less about my grammatical errors, my style in writing and even my disorganized thoughts. For me, I write what I feel, what I think and what I look forward. 

Though there was a time, my being honest was misunderstood I say sorry for the assumptions I made but still at the end of the day it was only my opinion. I took that negative reaction as a challenge to be cautious in the future and the next big thing is to make better because of the realism that “some” people are now reading this journal. 

My choice of writing most of the good things alone is because I do not want to recollect the bitter days, the frustrations, the loosing end I had and the people who brought me unhappy days in the past. January is my month! was born to recount my life’s recollection, my journey…and the people I love dearly 🙂 

And like what I told Google community when I wrote them few weeks back, “It is very hard to lose something I work hard for, something I treasure and something I considered other half of my life.”  For people who knew me well, they worried after my account was compromise. I was in mix emotions too, I have no idea of that person who was responsible of my momentarily absence in the blogosphere. Who could that nuisance person be? Somebody I do not know or somebody who knew me and felt horrible envy of the simple life I had. That would be the least I could think why that person would remove those wonderful entries I had. As I started to pull through my old home and set up a new leaf, I noticed those missing links. I felt sad, but there is nothing more I can do but to be a little patient that in time I would be able to complete those writings again. 

I would like to do a small recap of those pieces, the partial memoirs of 2008 and highlights of the year that was…

 2006 Baguio Trip, it was our first time travel as a couple. We explore most of the city’s destinations as well as the far off Tam-awan Village.  

2006 Hongkong Trip, my first time to visit Disneyland with my co-workers.

2007 Ilocos Trip, our very first Ilocandia trip as a couple. We drove from Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte. It was one of the most memorable road trips we had.

Bea’s coming to our life in 2007 made a big difference. Her being adorable won Oliver’s affection in no time 🙂

Bea’s 1st Birthday party was a blast! We gave her a simple but memorable celebration 🙂

2008 Hongkong Trip was my second time, this time I enjoyed the trip, the city walk minus the lavish shopping of my colleagues 🙂

2008 Baguio Trip with my family, we enjoyed our stay at the Pine City during the cold month of December.

As I start and open this new page, I wish harmony to those who wants to do harm. The Month of the Heart of Winter will be my new home from now on. 

P.S. I would highly appreciate if you would take some time taking a sneak peek of what was there before. Click HERE

A blessed Sunday to everyone! 🙂

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