The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

to the sea we go

A day before Election 2010, which falls on Mother’s Day and overlapped Indang’s town fiesta we trooped to Batangas to take a day off from the campaign buzz. This was the treat to ourselves I am talking about. My sister, Che and my cousin, Irish, organized the day trip and this time was joined by Tita Gigi’s sons, Dodong (Erick) and Adoy (Ely), Buknoy (Val Carlo) is Irish youngest brother and Joel who was the newest addition to our family as of April 18. Joel, Jena and the kids did not make it this time. Anyway, there will still be next time folks. 

what greeted us on Sunday of May 9 was the comforting sight of the blue waters

For now let me share the Sunday trip that was. Unlike our last year’s Matabungkay get-way, this time we make an extra effort to maximize the day by arriving early at the seaside for everyone to enjoy the long overdue summer get away.    

more sun blocks and tan lines; the BOYS (Dodong, Adoy and Buknoy) generously need it 🙂

Oliver taking a perfect plunged!

Nobody wasted a single minute so right after a quick snack one by one the boys took the plunged.

Irish and her signature Korean pose – a smile and peace sign!

And despite the looming high temperature, none of us pulled back from the waters. 

siblings: Erickson (a.k.a. Dodong) and Eleandre (a.k.a Adoy)
like mother like son?? who cares about those tan lines?

Everyone was stuck between swimming and eating the whole time. Who cares about getting a darker skin and a swell up sunburn after?  

teach me how to swim please…
they would always be kids for us: Sam and Paolo with Adoy, Buknoy and Dodong enjoying the sun and sand

The kids totally enjoyed the water activity and so do us (grown-ups 🙂 ). And since we arrived early, it got me a little tired waiting for sundown. It was one of the longest days I had this summer month.   

packing up and preparing for another drive to somewhere else…

After nine hours, finally the kids gave up and felt tired especially my sister’s little boy, Pao. We all had a light dinner before we packed up and then drove back to Tagaytay.  

the much awaited sundown finally came

It was such a day, a wonderful time to bond with my maternal cousins. Even if there were some small small issues before the trip, every thing turned out in a good way.    

happy couple minus our bei bei

The summer is not over yet and this happy couple looks forward on another road trip with the people dear to us. Stay tuned! Okay wait, we dropped by at Summit Ridge before heading home. I will post some pics probably tomorrow 🙂 






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